Music Moment: Australia in Eurovision: Grand Final!

Australians, fellow Australian lovers of Eurovision, please don’t read for this post contains major spoilers!

It’s official! As of around 8:45am this morning AEST, the winner of Eurovision took his trophy ad held it high about his head in victory!

Hooray for Sweden, I didn’t think you’d do it again so soon and while you were a hot favourite to win, I was gunning for my favourites: #RUS #BEL #EST #AUS #LAT and that’s how I voted.

OH YES AUSTRALIA VOTED FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.  Thank you!  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity which probably won’t come around until the 100th anniversary (maybe).  I’m so glad I had this chance, because I usually don’t vote on talent shows (couldn’t be bothered), but for Eurovision, it’s my only exception!  I voted like crazy until I ran out of votes (only 20 per phone) and was so glad I got confirmations that each and every one of my votes were recorded!  Yay for Optus!

I am so pleased with the final results, I can barely contain my excitement.  Good thing I didn’t actually vomit!

2. Russia
3. Italy
4. Belgium
5. Australia
6. Latvia
7. Estonia
8. Norway
9. Israel
10. Serbia

Trust me.  I woke up this morning at 4:45am because I knew if I didn’t get at least 15mins before it started, I wouldn’t make it.  THANKFULLY I DID, because at first I freaked out when tuning into, and when it told me to download something I didn’t think I would be set in time.  LUCKILY there’s such a thing as broadband these days!  Without it, I wouldn’t know how I’d live with the disappointment of missing a part of the final.  Sure it’s songs I’ve seen performed before, but IT’S A MUST NOT MISS THING.

Anyway I heard the familiar European Broadcasting Union melody and breathed a heavy sigh of relieved.  Then it kept going and I wondered if I’d messed up on the installation (turns out it was just like a warning thing, telling ya that it’s about to start in five minutes).

And then it started.  *COLLECTIVE GASP* Well there would have been if it hadn’t been 5am in the morning, the sky still black as my hair, and the stars still peeking out through the clouds while I lay in bed, waiting for a more appropriate time to head out to the bigger tv and catch the SBS broadcast as opposed to the stream direct from Eurovision.  I wanted to vote heck!  And I couldn’t vote if I watched the stream.

Overall, it was the best show ever.  It is every year, but I fall in love it over and over.  I love most of the acts (Finland’s punk act in Semi Final 1 was a bit strange, but hey, I like Finland for the points they gave Australia!)

I’m happy my favourites got into the top ten!  Russia almost came first and while I did like Sweden’s winning song, I really didn’t think he would get all the way to the top!  But for a long time in the voting, Sweden, Italy and Russia were battling it out.  For a while Russia was winning, until Sweden completely took over, telling Russia to go get stuffed!  I’m sadden, but hey I don’t mind going back to Sweden again.  They gave us ABBA and Loreen and a whole lot more.  Last time their voting interval act was fun too!  (Putting aside all the remarks about the Sweden winner, which shouldn’t impinge on his victory I think.)

Now to Australia.

First it should be noted that Australia is NOT a European country.  We are in fact in the southern hemisphere and are part of Australasia lol.  BUT we have been a long time broadcaster of Eurovision, so this year for the 60th Anniversary of Eurovision, they invited Australia to perform as a Contestant!  I wasn’t particularly excited about Guy Sebastian and the idea of performing in Eurovision, and actually doing well, felt like an illusion, I mean, I felt like Australia was little better than the United Kingdom.  It is no secret that the UK rarely does well.  This year, indeed, they didn’t do so well again.  But Australia did!  It’s probably that illusion of first time Eurovision performers, and the fact that Australia was taking it so seriously on stage that gave them the chance (I have little to say about the song, since it’s not quite to my tastes, but Europe sure as hell enjoyed it!)

I was very proud of Australia for doing their best, even with Guy Sebastian and our disadvantageous spot as a non-European country.  Congrats to us for fifth place!! We had to fight it out with Belgium for a while there, and Belgium was one of my top favourites as well!

Music Videos of Second, Third and Fourth Place!

Russia (2nd Place)

Italy (3rd Place)

Belgium (4th Place)

On a final note, I will say, other than Italy, none of the other non-English language performance language songs made it into the top ten, which was disappointing!

Oh and because I do love Estonia’s performance:

Maybe one day I’ll get to live blog this while I’m actually at a Eurovision venue!  Well, until then, I look forward to Eurovision 2016 in Sweden! Again! Right now, it’s 10:48am, almost two hours after the Grand Final took place in Austria.  Hooray for Sweden, congrats again!

Music Moment: Australia in Eurovision: Eurovision Semi Final 2!

Songs 1 to 5:

For the second Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest, I felt it began rocky, with acts that weren’t over all too strong.  But from Montenegro onwards, they were totally taking over the stage!  Yes, the earlier ones were different, and Montenegro was a ballad, but I disliked the kissing in Lithuania (felt too forced and the duet sounded off to my ears), Ireland, I liked her but I felt like something was off there too, and San Marino….maybe they were just too young, because for most of the song I wanted it to get to the point!  But Montenegro really picked it up, and I gotta say, I liked their performance, in their local language ( that makes three including those from Semi Final 1 so far since I’m writing this up as the Semi is showing ).  Malta was a power ballad like Georgia yesterday,  and is also called ‘Warrior’, I liked it, but well hit me!  I want to see what else is on tonight!

Songs 6 to 8

Norway, wow.  Look at that girl’s hair! And the jewel hair ornament. The duet here is much darker and stronger than San Marino!   A song called ‘A monster like me’ that was surrounded with a rather dark yet fiery background. It was darkly powerful and intense at the same time.  Portugal, yay, good for them, also singing in a language other than English.  Strong too! I like her look!  But apparently not as well loved as Norway by Australians!  The Czech Republic was next, haven’t seen them for around six years.  So it’s been a while.  Another duet, man and woman, of course, singing about hop never dying. The vocals were very strong, and there was even a shoe throwing moment!   But with so many duets tonight and my head still stuck with Estonia’s performance last night, I guess I didn’t love this song a lot!

Songs 9 to 10

Israel has been a favourite apparently, so I look forward to their performance.  Sorry guys if my tenses are all over the place!  I’m trying to write as this happens, and yet at the same time by the time it’s posted, this post will be post-Eurovision, so deal with me for a bit here!  Omg I like Israel so far!  So active!! OMG I WANT THEM TO WIN.  There’s that tone to the music (or is it melody?), anyway technical terms aside, there’s a sense of mediterraneaness in the music which I love.  I liked the active dancing too.  And it was active, fun, and different to all the ballads I’ve been hearing tonight.  Next is Latvia!  Reminds me of Margaret Berger in 2013 for Norway.  But more….explosive!  Her voice is delicately strong in that similar sense.  Next is Azerbaijan–with a performer from a few years back.  He’s killing it again, but then again, another ballad!  Two dancers accompany Elnur (scuse me if that’s wrong!) on the stage, and they’re a little distracting, but they’re not bad.

Songs 11 to 15

Iceland is coming up next, she reminds me of Emmelie de Forest!  For  visual moment there, even though are nothing alike!  She’s cute though, and her voice isn’t bad.  I like her song, but not as much as some others.  I like the chorus part of her song though :). Sweden–now they are one of the most hyped up contestants I’ve seen in a while!  Oh…he’s cute.  I love how he looks.  Now…is he worth the hype? Okay so he can sing, but I swear most of the hype is from the hotness on the stage (lol).  But then again, the song is pretty good, lyric-wise.  Next is Switzerland.  Yay! I kept seeing some of the singers for Switzerland in the SBS backstage parts.  I liked what I was hearing so I can’t wait for this!  Pretty dress for the main performer–gem/crystal bodice with flowy, good for the wind machine skirts, and four back up singers in the back performing with drums (little see through drums)–I love that effect visually.  I smell potential winner with them!  Their performance is so *star eyes* explosive!  Cyprus! So soft and gentle.  Since Turkey isn’t in it this year again (my disappointment is never ending about that), I am half rooting for Cyrus!  And wow, it’s a very difference song to the explosive ballads I’ve been hearing so far!  Then again, considering an explosive ballad won last year, it was no surprise that there would be so many this year!

Songs 16 to 17

Slovenia is/was the second last song of the night.  Interesting vocals for the female performer.  There’s also a guy on the piano with pretty interesting hair.   And the back up dancers are playing imaginary violins as well!  I think the guy playing the piano is playing the piano though lol.  The last song of the night has the prettiest stage visual.  The back screen is displaying drapes fluttering in the breeze and branches of blossoms.  Again, like the previous performance, there is a piano in the background.  But the focus is definitely predominantly on the performer.

Top Four Favourites of Semi Final 2!

1: Israel

2: Latvia

3: Switzerland

4: Slovenia (For the imaginary instruments!)

Posting this before the actual results of the Australian broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final 2 are being shown!

Music Moment: Australia in Eurovision!

Hooray!  I’m excited. I can’t believe Australia will perform in the grand final as Australia, and not as someone selected to perform for another country!

My apologies for disappearing again, but life takes its toll.  However, I have a quick moment to pop in to post about one of my favourite big events of the year!


From tonight’s Australian broadcast of Eurovision, my top four favourites are below:





I loved most of all the songs in this year’s first Semi Final, but those two are just four that caught my attention the most!

And even though  they chose Guy Sebastian for representing Australia, I still look forward to it!  For the anniversary of Eurovision, Australia gets to perform as Australia ^^ so happy right now!  Even more so that #SBSEurovision is trending on twitter!!!

And now, on to tomorrow night!

Favourite Eurovision Songs of All Time.

Okay so this is ridiculously hard to do but Eurovision is on, next week!  So I wanted to post something up before hand because hey! for those that were with me last year, you’ll know just how big a Eurovision fan I am.  And really, I just can never get enough.  But making a list of all my favourite Eurovision Songs…well this is incredibly hard.  What’s harder will be numbering them.  So I decided the numbers are just marking the order in which my favourites came into my head, as opposed to what I think they should rank.  Also, because there are so many songs, I will probably have forgotten some, so be on watch for follow up posts sticking out here and there hehe.


1) Wild dances by Ruslana

Ugh my all time favourite and one of the first winners of Eurovision that I actually remember.  I think there’s no disputing it.  This is my favourite performance.


2) Fairytale by Alexander Rybak

Because I just love the sound of that violin and well…that smile.


3) Euphoria by Loreen

I liked her vocals…and that dance…loved it!


4) Randajad by Urban Symphony

Definitely one of my all time favourites even though I don’t understand a word, I just love it.


5) We Can Be the Same by MaNga

Omg…this is my favourite performance by Turkey, not just because it falls into my favourite category of  music or because I think the lead singer is cute, but because I love the lyrics.


6) Dum Tek Tek by Hadise

I always love Turkey’s performances, do I have to say anything else?


7) Drip Drop by Safura

Lyrics, voice, and I loved the performance overall.  To be honest, I wish Azerbaijan had won with this song instead of the other one.  I don’t know, I just really liked this one.


8) Apricot Stone by Eva Rivas

How can I forget?  I love this!  It’s not your ordinary pop song, with plenty of symbolism everywhere.


9) Hard Rock Hallelujah by Lordi

I think this speaks for itself.


10) My Number One by Elena Paparizou

I don’t really love the vocals in this, but the song is pretty catchy


11) Secret Combination by Kalomira

I liked this because it got stuck in my head and drove me crazy.


12) Satellite by Lena

Simple song, simple performance, quirky.


13) Always by Aysel and Arash

Always on my mind…after the Eurovision was over that year!


14) Love in Rewind by Dino Merlin

Omg…I love this one.  I just love the rhythm and the tune and well everything about the song


15) Lipstick by Jedward

One of the more interesting song performances of 2011, wasn’t my favourite, but I had it up there to be in the top ten


16) Waterline by Jedward

I actually like this song.  More than the Lipstick one, even though I like both.


17) La La Love by Ivi Adamou

I just love the original video clip for this.  And well, I got sucked into the story of the song.


18) One More Day by Eldrine

Not only does this fall into my favourite genre again, I think she has a great voice!


19) Feed Me Your Love by Margaret Berger

I loved this!!  I wish she won (even though I did like the winner as well), but I really loved her performance.And I can’t believe I only remembered it now,  it should be near the top (if I was doing this in order of my top favourites).


20) It’s My Life by Cezar

One of the whackier ones from last year with a song that totally grew on me since.


I definitely don’t think I’ve covered all my favourite songs from Eurovision, but I’ll leave it at 20 for now!!  EVERYONE get ready to party, Eurovision is coming ~!!!


Random Music Moment #97

So firstly, sorry guys for pushing another Eurovision (this one is from the Netherlands) song on you, but this one has been stuck in my head all day.  It’s one of the unusual acts, taking on a different tone in comparison to the majority.  I liked it because of this, even though I didn’t really think twice about it the first time round.  I think it’s because it weaselled its way into my head with its silkiness…

Today’s Random Music Moment is Birds By Anouk

Random Music Moment #81

Now that Eurovision is over, I find it hard to think of anything but because the music is still in my head, especially this song!  I love that it’s a little different to the top three songs, and I love that it came 4th out of 26.  What’s more I love that it’s electronic/electro pop.  I feel it’s pretty catchy;

Now I can see
The whole world is mine
I can touch and feel
I feed you my love

You put a knife against my back
And you dare me to face the attack
You say, “For cowards there’s no reward”
Feel the heat

Full lyrics HERE

…and I love her vocals.  I really love the way she sings “Now I can see/the whole world is mine/ I can touch and feel/ I feed you my love”.  There’s just this really nice tone to it that distracts me from finalising my assignments but! I’m almost done with uni and I’m excited!!! Haha, soooooo please enjoy today’s random music moment, sung by the lovely Margaret Berger for Norway during the Eurovision this year, “I feed you my love”.


Random Music Moment #80

Soooo I’m actually posting this up early since my dear brother let slip who is the winner of Eurovision.  And I am ecstatic!!!  It’s the favourite, it’s my favourite, and I swear they knew they won before they won!  Emmelie de Forest is beautiful in her simple dress, walking about stage in bare feet.  How very Loreen-like :P.  I love the whistle – (I think it’s a whistle) and I love the drums.  I love the shower of sparks and the falling confetti and the lyrics and well, I just loved it overall!  Here it is – the winning song – Emmelie De Forest singing Only Teardrops


Omg!!! bahahaha did they seriously announce the winner before the final four countries voted?!?!?!?!?! Omg lol!!!!! Wellllll at least Emmelie de forest got a chance to prepare!  But I love that Loreen handed over the trophy, that was awesome!!