First Date.

Is not like the novels.

We agree too quickly,

Get too excited,

Find too much to fret about,

Worry about likes,

And dislikes,

And conversation

And so on.

We panic,

When we pick our clothes,

And the shoes and bags to match.

We put our hair up,

Then take it down.

Make up?

No make up?






What to do?

You know this guy,

Flirted with this guy,

Got close to this guy.

You like this guy,

He likes you, maybe

And he’s seen you in good,

And bad dress.

So why are you freaking out?

You breath.

One day,

Twenty four hours,

You fret,


Completely opposite your character,

And thinking too far ahead,


Then reproaching yourself for thinking ahead,

Every is, this first date.

And then you worry,

And worry,

And worry,

Because you haven’t seen him in a while,

What will he think?


He asked you out.

It should be fine.

You wear a dress

That’s pretty and casual.

You leave your hair down and

Dress your face lightly.

And you pick the simplest accessories,

Because you want to look natural.

An hour.

You pace,

In fear and anxiety,

Unable to breathe,

Unable to see.

Yet you take the train,

The bus,

The tram,

The road,

To the meeting place.

He’s already there,

Not looking at you,

But definitely waiting.

It’s that moment,

You see,

At the beginning of the first date,

When he smiles,

A smile,

That you love,

That you know,

You had nothing to worry about.

10 thoughts on “First Date.

  1. Fantastic illustration what people go through on their first date or the next one.Bravo.jalal

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