Inspiration & New Things

So just the other day I was quite bored and tired of the picture I have on my phone’s lockscreen–not because I don’t love that picture, but rather, because I’ve used that one for so long and it was time for a change.  Here is what it used to be:

Although I still like my picture (granted there are so many aspects which I could have done better such as the hands etc, but you can see my gripe and self criticise if you click through the link), I needed the change, and it was while I was fiddling around on photoshop with my new decided design, did I do something I didn’t intend to do.  So here is the drawing I was going to use next (I still haven’t fully completed the series, but originally this pic was drawn for the Snake of my future Chinese zodiac series)–

Luna Zodiac001 copy

And though I did start working on my Chinese zodiac series, like a number of other things in my life, it’s currently on hold for the moment.  However, since I wanted to use a recent drawing of my as my lockscreen image, there were only so many I’ve drawn within the last twelve months that were already scanned into my computer (I haven’t been drawing all that much, and I have many half finished sketches waiting for some attention!) So I picked this one, and fiddled around in Photoshop, eventually coming up with this–

Brushes used are from deviantART: Scattering Roses, Starwalt Design Brushes, and Euphoria brushes

Which I’m pretty in love with, and pretty satisfied with how it looks on my lock screen!  I hadn’t planned to go with pastel colours (actually the above was the final image.  Prior to I had one more finalised version which was paler, but because it was a bit hard to see, since the lockscreen is kind of darkened, the above became the finalised version), but it seems pastel is becoming a thing for me this year.

But that wasn’t the Inspirational New Thing I did!  Oh no, it was this other part.  You see, I didn’t expect for it happen, yet when I was messing around with the colour balance for the background colour scheme, I saw myself making a gif–you know how you get those sudden bursts of inspiration, just because suddenly something you’re doing unlocks something in you mind?  Well that’s what happened to me and look what I did–

Snake Gif

I made a gif!  Comprised of the various times colour balance edits I made when I was playing around with the colour balance.  I don’t know why I’m so proud of this, but I guess it’s because I don’t make/have never made a gif properly before.  So I was ecstatically happy and amused with myself, and therefore pat  myself on the back for being inspired and trying something new.

Quote #88

From Søren Kierkegaard

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

[The sad thing about this quote is that it’s very true, but then if it wasn’t, life could potentially be very boring – especially if we understood it the first time round! What do you think?:?]

Inspiration is…3

That languid depressing feeling at the sight of the overcast sky that just makes me want to write about love….

Inspiration 3.

Part three!  Be Inspired! Links to Inspiration and Inspiration 2


I am Inspired.

I am enlightened.

I am fire and glory.

I am the Artist.


My inspiration is the perfect shape of Godfrey Gao’s jaw;

The slightly fuzzy, yet brightly beautiful Alyson Stoner’s photo;

The crazy hair on Max Kasch’s character’s head in Holes;

And the way Jamie Campbell Bower stares at the camera.


The way the silk and organza gown falls on the stick thin model;

The fact that windblown hair in a photoshoot is a concoction of hairspray and other shape holding chemicals;

The curvaceously daring blending of eyeshadow art that borders obscenity yet is still adopted;

The ridiculously high stilettos that make women teeter about.


Inspiration is tattoo art;

Body art for art’s sake;

Nail art that’s too pretty to stay forever;

Henna that’s just black on skin, strangely beautiful.


It is the beautiful long artistic hair on the manga girl;

The arty cool, but girly looking manga guy;

The sparkling bright eyes of the shoujo girl;

The dark, scary panel behind the manga guy.


Inspiration is being one with the character you just met;

Empathetic to the pains of the protagonist;

Sympathetic of the tragedy of the hero;

Disgusted by the indifference of the love interest.


It’s screaming at the stupid characters;

Blitzing the next chapters because you’re in love with the story;

Crying because the author’s just too good;

Falling asleep because the story is just boring.


Inspiration is procrastination because you can’t be bothered;

Procrastinating because you’re scared;

Procrastinating because you’re anticipating;

Procrastinating because you don’t want it to end.


It is doing your homework within the last twenty minutes before it’s due;

Finishing your assignment with plenty of time to spare;

Completing the set readings on the train ride to uni because you forgot the night before;

Researching for the latest paper with the enthusiasm you didn’t know you had.


Inspiration is the unexpected moment at the worst possible time;

Is signalled by the sudden flurry of movement and flying paper;

Is lost in the past when there was no writing implement available;

Is the frustratingly beautiful thing scribbled in the most random place.


It is hidden in the desk, where you left it last summer;

Stuck to the pinboard as a reminder some time ago;

Written on your hand during class;

In the mailbox where you sent it when you were away.


Inspiration is lasting;

Faintly grasped;

Expanded upon;

Nurtured to full bloom.


From Left to Right clockwise: Godfrey Gao, Jamie Campbell Bower, Alyson Stoner, Max Kasch from Holes.

Image  Image  Image  Image

Inspiration 2.

[A continuation of the other one.  Happy New Year everyone!  Have an inspiring 2013, all the best for the new Year!!!]


I find myself at a loss for inspiration.

I find no sight to enlighten me.

I find the roads a bore.

I find the rivers dry.

I find that even in the dark I cannot see a thing.

I find myself looking for inspiration.


And then I find it.


It comes in an instant;

Spends an eternity arriving;

Appears as a lightbulb;

Lasts for the purpose of creating.


Inspiration is somebody else’s work;

Our moment’s of extreme jealousy;

The work that we are proud of;

The first thing that we create.


It’s a work of art, everybody’s envy;

A beautiful song, the lyrics and melody everyone remembers;

The five line poem, it’s simplicity charms everyone’s souls;

The touching video, it’s purpose only to act as a record.


Inspiration is the triangular shape of a whiskey bottle;

The odd shaped vase on the dining table;

The beautifully intricate carved picture frame on the wall;

The crystal glass miniature on the windowsill.


It’s the French windows your wife insisted on;

The useless sleigh bed that takes up too much space;

The ugly wind chime outside your door;

The plastic yoghurt container that holds the washing implements.


Inspiration is the slowly turning earth;

The image of an exploding nebula;

The thousand stars in the night;

The waning and waxing moon.


It is the abstract pattern of the clouds;

The vibrant colours of nature;

The hot styles of the latest Vogue model;

The stillness of a bowl of fruit.


Inspiration is the sound of a smile;

The taste of a frown;

The feel of a tear;

The sight of a sleeping face.


It is what we want to compose about the most;

What we want to write about the most;

Want to sing about the most;

Want to paint about the most.


Inspiration is the endless magic that fuels our imaginations;

Inspiration is the unknown paradox that circles in our minds;

Inspiration is the term used that describes our admiration;

Inspiration is the glass that shatters upon impact.


It is omnipresent;




Be Inspired! A present for you!



It seems inspiration has been on my head a lot lately.  So much that I have written about it once and even drawn about it.  Funny thing too, I’m writing another thing about inspiration.
Well, it goes without saying that inspiration is the most important thing to artists and writers.  Whether it’s from previous experience or something we dreamt about or something we saw.  It’s all important!

So My present to you all is this:  Be Inspired!  And write, create and dream!




The Original.

Final npic

The Final.


And the Banner.

I really liked the way it turned out.  Hehe, is it cheating to say that I was inspired by drawing about Inspiration?  Well, I had fun sketching it.  It was originally a gift for a friend.  But I took a digital copy for my own records.  Hehe, my friend now owns an original ;P.

Doing the background design was a headache at first.  I actually haven’t used Photoshop for a while now so it took a while to adjust to it again.  Only thing is this time I wanted to use the mask option.  Since I completely forgot how to use it I spent half the day (in between doing the cooking) trying to figure it!  It makes me sound like an old person when I say it like that (though no offence since I’m sure there are people out there much older than me who do a better job) but it felt so odd and frustrating not knowing the tool I’d used for years.  But I got it in the end.  Really, it was so simple, I could have smacked myself.  Sigh, but it was all worth it, the energy and frustration.  All worth it in the end.  I got the result, though unexpected, was even better than I wanted.  And I’m pleased to be inspired but something so unexpected.

I’m not sure how the girl matches up with the idea “Be Inspired” but those were the first words I thought of when I drew it.  Secondly, the colours you see, I was actually inspired by the UK covers for Veronica Roth’s Divergent and Insurgent novels.




Inspiration is the water that clings to cobwebs;

The rain that pours down mercilessly;

The sun that shines unforgivably;

The wind that blows heartily;

And the snow that falls softly.

It is the chocolate éclairs that melt in the mouth;

The smell of dinner wafting from the kitchen;

The feel of calluses that grew from hard work;

The sound of sweet music from a friend’s guitar.

Inspiration is the friend who says hello;

The boyfriend who gives kisses;

The girlfriend who makes lunch;

The mother who tucks you in.

It is the scene from the window of a passing train;

The everyday scene of the tram you catch every day;

The scene of kids messing about on the bus;

The peaceful river scene you see as you walk to school.

Inspiration is a rose from the garden;

A shadow in the bedroom;

A letter in the mailbox;

Or a candle in the bathroom.

It is the thought you got when you watched tv;

A song that was played on the radio;

A funny story on the internet;

An intriguing article in the newspaper.

Inspiration comes in our dreams;

Wakes us from our daydreams;

Becomes our living fantasies;

Takes us into our nightmares.

It is the flow of water trickling down the stream;

The thunder of lightning on a thundery day;

The crashing of waves along the Victorian coastline;

The sweltering heat on a scorching summer day.

Inspiration is nowhere,