Comes in the middle of the day,

In the midst of busyness and air con,

It’s the moment you step outside,

And it sinks into you,

The Hotness of the summer,

The Hotness of the Heatwave,

The moment you feel it,

The drowsiness that comes with it,

It’s so hot,

This unbelievable, suffocating hotness.


Four Seasons in One Day.

The sun in Melbourne,

Is hot and vengeful,

Turning the fields,

The towering Eureka,

Sprinkling gold dust,

On a glimmering gold city,

The summer in Melbourne,

Changes with a heartbeat,

Like a fickle child.

And then the clouds,

Swarm across the sky,

As the sun goes from

Low to high,

And a cool change descends,

Embracing the city,

With it’s cool arms,

Leaving the city’s residents sighing,

Four seasons in one day.


Is beyond our dreams,

Spreading our wings into the infinity

That we are bound to airiness

Of something more than less than gravity

That we are nothing, everything, beyond.


Is biting our tongues,

Squeezing our eyes shut,

Looking for that sweetness

That should exist, yet has lost

To that bitter, distasteful feeling.

Haiku #9

The sun is setting

And the uni work piles high

Disappear, run, hide.


[Readers, followers, fellow bloggers, I apologise now for any slack that’ll be evident over the next week.  I’m drowning in uni work.  I hope to be back on schedule soon!!  Hope you understand 🙂 thanks guys!]


Is the lightness feeling

Of being absolutely elated,

Without another thought

Other than, the sky, the trees

And all things brightly happy.


Is such a long word that we like to use

In the moments where we put something somewhere,

Where we misplaced it once before,

And decided that we were absentminded

And not just simply “forgetful.”