Random Music Moment #80

Soooo I’m actually posting this up early since my dear brother let slip who is the winner of Eurovision.  And I am ecstatic!!!  It’s the favourite, it’s my favourite, and I swear they knew they won before they won!  Emmelie de Forest is beautiful in her simple dress, walking about stage in bare feet.  How very Loreen-like :P.  I love the whistle – (I think it’s a whistle) and I love the drums.  I love the shower of sparks and the falling confetti and the lyrics and well, I just loved it overall!  Here it is – the winning song – Emmelie De Forest singing Only Teardrops


Omg!!! bahahaha did they seriously announce the winner before the final four countries voted?!?!?!?!?! Omg lol!!!!! Wellllll at least Emmelie de forest got a chance to prepare!  But I love that Loreen handed over the trophy, that was awesome!!

2 thoughts on “Random Music Moment #80

    • Yep definitely! Everyone around me was like, it’s going to be Denmark, and I was like they must be really good! When I watched it during the semi, I was blown away! LOL oh definitely, I think you’re the Eurovision Oracle!

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