We Met Under The Stars.

At the height of my career,

I took a walk under the stars.

My eyes were filled with wonder,

Of a life I could have known,



I could have walked a thousand miles.

We met under the stars,

On an unusually clear night,

When the world was spinning,

At a ferocious rate.

I felt hopeless,

Looking at the stars,

I wondered,

Where is the start?

But there you were,



Gazing at the stars.

They twinkled in your eyes,

Were the blush on your cheeks,

And I wondered,

How could you be so happy?

But you just smiled at me,

As if it was nothing in the world.

You took my hands,

Like I was your friend,

And wished good will on me.

It was not a blessing,

But a gift.

A present,


In exchange,

Would mean I would never see you again.

Who are you?

Who I met under the stars,

And found my hope for the future.

But who are you?

To this you answered,

“Just the person you met under the stars,”

And I believed you.

Too bad I didn’t know,

That the first time I met my boss,

At a moment when I thought,

Just thought,

Wistfully and sadly,

That I would never see you again,

You appeared.

In front of my eyes,

You stood,

Looking hot,

And rather,


In a suit and tie,

Unlike the trackies you wore

Under the stars.

I never thought I’d see you again,

Much less,

In the workplace where I found joy again.

I never thought it would be because of you,

Who I met,

Under the stars.

8 thoughts on “We Met Under The Stars.

    • Ah, to be honest I wrote this weeks ago but it was only the other day when I finished it (I couldn’t find a way to end the story within! haha) Thank you for commenting! 🙂

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