Quote #165

From Jim Butcher (Proven Guilty)….

“When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching — they are your family. ”

**[Notes] I’m not a mother, but I am a sister and a daughter, and today I watched my little brother check into the airport to fly to China for his internship, and I felt like I was a mother watching her chick flying the nest.  He’s only a year younger than me and well even though he’s all grown up, he’s my little brother to me, and I already miss him.  Can’t wait until he comes back!


Is nuclear.

Family, is the brother,

The sister,

The mum

And the dad.



Is the grandparents,

The uncles,

The aunts,

The family from all sides,

Near and far,





The people that you love,



Fight with,




And wives.



Comes in all shapes,

All sizes,

All respects,

And all different.



We think about them,

When we are sad.



We hurt, when they hurt.



We love them, even if we hate them.



When you have none, those you love the most,

Become the people you call “family”.



Is like “home”,

Residing with those who you call your own,

Who love you for who you are,

Who respect what you respect,

And who you respect what they respect,

Who look after you when you’re hurt,

Bleeding, broken hearted, crying,

Who yell at you for doing something stupid,

But are always around afterwards to comfort you,


“Family” is like “home”,

Something we cherish,

Found in abstract,

Connected by love,


And all kinds of emotions.


Family, whoever they are,

They mean something–

That someone we know,

Is someone else’s family,

And that someone,

Who we know,

Can also be our family,

Standing by,

Waiting for us,

With arms open,

To welcome us,

In our greatest moments of need.

The Belly Dancer’s Ring.


She danced in her metal and silk adorned body.  She weaves her way around the floor, sinking low, spinning round, dancing energetically and beautifully.  She is charming, seducing her audience.  The metal glints in the dimness of the restaurant.  Everyone is entranced.  But everyone sees the ring on her finger, it shines brightest of all.




Is what I ask,

With my head bowed low,

I feel the weight of what I am asking,

Laid before your feet,

Waiting for only my release.


Sand Castle.


The water crashed against the rocks, depositing their sandy substance.  In the sizzling heat, brown turns gold, a temporary beach for the islanders.  Children come with their parents, they find joy in creation.  Nimble fingers build a fortress.  As the sunsets, the dark shadows rise along the rocks to be washed away in the tide.

Under the Mistletoe.

[Merry Christmas everyone!! ]

The snow is falling.  Lights twinkle and laughter escapes from the brightly lit houses.  Friends and family gather together.  Presents are exchanged and wineglasses clink.  Everywhere, somewhere, there is a boy and a girl, a husband and wife, a friend and a friend, sitting, standing, next to each other.  And they kiss under the mistletoe.