The Misunderstanding.

It all begins with a slight misunderstanding

Coupled with a light heart,

A sensitive soul,

And a personality the force

Of a gust of wind

And in reality, that is all it needs

For the fire to be sparked,

Force the flames to spread…

Others words are nothing,

Not even helpful, they are

But fuel for the fire,

Fuel even without meaning to…

And it spreads,



Rearing its ugly head

And even though…

When it finally settles…

When all that’s left is,

Apologies and regret,

It’s sour.

There is sourness in their hearts,

A sourness in the mouths left for those

Who watched and joined

In the chorus of defence

And attack,

And also those who were too…

Afraid to speak up

Because it is not their fault

That it became so scary.

It is not their fault at all,

But it is hard to take part,

And to stand aside,

Not knowing what to do,

Because it expanded so quickly…

Spread like wildfire

Burned so brightly, So…

Intently before dissipating

By the force of others…

Others who feel no better

Than those who had been hurt,




In the end,

We question, for those with a conscience,

Did we do right?

Did we say the right thing?

Will it happen again?

….I’ve had enough, is a thought,

Just one thought,

That might flare in the minds,

Of those who had tried to maintain the peace,

Because how does one cope?

With all that happens?

It just becomes too much…

These little misunderstandings…

It seems so difficult sometimes,

To be a little less selfish,

And to care a little more,

Of those who are looking on,

And watching,

As the seeds are sown,

As the rifts start to appear,

From just one little misunderstanding.

In This Moment.

In this moment,

I am languishing under,

A cloud covered sun,

A cloud covered sky,

Under the shadows,

Of a bitter winter,

Passing slowly by.


In this moment,

I can see it coming,

Like a rainbow stretching,

Arcing over me,

Coming, coming, endlessly closer,

A sign of hope,

A sign I am barely holding onto.


In this moment,

I am waiting,

Still as a rock,

Warm as a rock in summer,

Cold as the frost in winter,

Wet as the rain in spring,

Dry as the sun,

Passing each day slowly waiting,


In this moment,

I will bloom,

When the sun is mine to touch,

And the rain in my cape,

And the clouds are my hair,

I will strive endlessly,

Push through the shadows,

And grab onto happiness,


In this moment,

I am but a rock,

Learning to flower,

Surviving the elements,

To become one and another,

Defeating the impossible,

Fighting the darkness,

Passing through winter,


In this moment,

I am anything but careless,

Passively waiting,

Holding the rainbow,

From the distance that it strives,

To form, to reach and touch,

And burst the dark shadows,

Into colours, colours,

Dancing in the sky.


The Inner Sanctum.

I seem to find an inner sanctum,

My eyes are shut,

Yet my hands are open,

Seeing what I cannot see.

I reach forward,

Looking for a moment,

That’s the colours of the rainbow,

Filtered through a prism.

It’s nothing I can’t do,

Nothing I won’t do,

To find that inner peace.

It’s an array of colours,

Beyond the mind’s ability,

That I seek,

What nature gives freely,

Yet hides well,

So only the most worthy can find it

Protecting its treasure

Behind a wall of trials.

Give me peace,

A moment in time,

Of blooming happiness,

Coloured with life,

Laughing, crying, shouting out loud,

The words that I’ll hear

In my dreams of the past,

Echoing, holding, embracing me tightly,

I’m afraid,

Touching that wall,

Seeing the hurts,

Left behind, bleeding,

Growing, flowering, until,

I climb the wall,

Hand sinking in,

With every touch,

Consuming the past,

Living for the present,

Projecting my future,

Showing me no inner sanctum,

Showing me no inner peace,

Showing me no colours,

Bright of the ever after…

And sink, climb, conquer,

Fall, hurt, burn, cry,

Rise, Stand.

I don’t need my eyes,

The ones that saw the pain,

The sadness, the hurts, wrongs and rights.

I don’t need my eyes open

As I reach forward with my palms held out,

Feeling, touching, embracing what,

Cannot be seen,

And they tell me,

Embrace me,

Comfort me,

Lending me the strength,

Upon the strength I had gained,

To be satisfied,

With what I have found,

Here, in my inner sanctum.

A Summer Past.

Hard to believe,

That you’re really here,

Watching over me,

Catching me as I fall,

Holding me high when I cry,

Embracing my happiness,

As the days go by,

I miss the summer heat,

That sizzled once,


No three times,

Between us,

During that summer past,

Burning between us,

Intensifying the days,

That went by,

Day after day,

Night after night,

It was a summer past,

A summer unforgotten,

But a summer set,


Hard to believe,

How much one can love,

In a brief shining moment,

One summer long,

Til the leaves began to fall,

And the sun lost its shine,

We were still in love

Embraced in each other’s arms,

Not counting the days gone.

What was once a summer love,

Became a summer past,

Stashed in memories,

For the endless winter days.

Hard to believe,

It had once been,

Once was,

Once gone,

With you watching over me,

From beyond,

Unreachable—at the tips of my fingers,

I clutch tight, to the days of

A Summer Past.

We Are Worlds Apart.

We are worlds apart,

Living in a different dream,

Searching for that special other something.


We dance to lyrics unknown to us,

Unafraid of the eyes upon us,

We dance living forever in the moment.


We believe in yesterday,

And look towards the days forward,

With fingers crossed, and hope abound.


We sing to tunes from the star world,

Unafraid of the alien song that comes,

As though we have known it for all our lives.


We hope in silence,

Counting the seconds, wishing on the stars,

Believing like we have never believed before.


We read the words of foreignness,

Embracing in the exoticness,

Reciting poetry that we would not have before.


We know we are,

Somewhere safe in our fears,

Ready to face what comes right after.


We are worlds apart,

Dying with the same belief,

That we have lived as the ones before,

Facing our fears,

Overcoming obstacles,

Until we can say,

We are:

Satisfied, happy and,

Brimming with life.

A Common Language.

We live in a world,

That speaks a common language,

Sharing in the globalised feeling,

The imagined community,

That takes on the whole world,

Rather than just the U and K

Or the U, S of A.

“That’s incorrect”

Says the USA.

“That’s incorrect”

Says the UK.

But they’re looking at the same word,

Same phrase,

Same paragraph of structure,

Sharing different views,

Even though,

They’re both correct.

We live in a world,

That shares a common language,

Speaking, and writing,

And hybridising across virtual worlds.

Who has the right to say “it’s mine”?

Who has the right to say “it’s not yours”?

Who has the right to take away your right?

We speak, write, read and think,

A language,

About a language,

That is worldwide,



We cannot think,

It’s “just” ours.

We cannot think,

It’s theirs for us to borrow.

WE can OWN it,

Like our own,

Change it,

Spoil it,

Twist it to our convenience,

Because why should we follow,

The U and K,

Or the U, S of A?

We live in a world,

Of billions of people,

Of different shades,

Of different cultures,

Of different worldviews,

Who can come together,

From here to there,

From there to here,

Or meeting partway,

In the space in between,

To communicate,

With words of the same,

Beautifully malleable,

Common language.

Love In Secret.

I wrote a letter,

And signed it with a heart,

Posting it in your locker,

Mail box,

Under your door,

And ran away for another day.


I watch you from afar,

Laughing til your sides hurt,

Slapping the back of your best friend,

Shaking their hands until it’s numb,

Knowing that it’s another experience,

Another happiness just being there.


I confess to you,

A hundred times in my sleep,

Opening my heart,

To reach yours,

Across the moonscape, telling,

Without telling, how much I love you.


I see you walking beside me,

My friend of old years,

And long years, sharing your secrets,

Hugging me, kissing me,

Not knowing of my pain,

Thriving, swelling in my heart.


I kiss you when you’re sleeping,

Put roses in your shoes,

And sweet nothings next to your breakfast,

With my hope

That you will have,

A beautiful, lovely amazing day.


I am your stalker,

Your lover and lover’s greatest fear,

I mean no harm with what I do,

But trust me on this,

I will watch you always,

From afar, loving—

With this love in secret.

Endless Monotony.

There is a constant strumming

In the background,

Behind the buzzing words,

Beyond the narrated images,

It’s hovering like a fly,

Sticky to that that is meat,

Tempted by the smells,

In swarms with the heat.

I sense an endless monotony,

Of constant humming sound,

Filling the spaces between noises,

That carpet my mind in fury.

I walk along an empty road,

Searching for that breathless tomorrow,

And yet my future,

Is unset in stone,

Changing tiles from left to right,

Building upon each other,

Changing from endless monotony,

To an endless forever,

Giving me hope,


And beauty.

I reach the end,

Of a journey,

Long and fraught,

With hurt, pain, love,

And surprises around every corner,

Blooming colour,

In endless monotony,

I can’t see anything else,

I can’t feel anything but the,

Constant strumming,

In the background,

Keeping me awake,

Opening my eyes,

I see,




Across the bright sky,

All the colours

Of my imagination,

Creating a rainbow,

Bursting apart,

The endless monotony,

Of the days past.

Chasing the Impossible Dream.

I don’t understand the confusion that I’m feeling,

It wells up inside me,

Churning with pain,

Jealousy and mismatched unease.

I can’t the road,

That I have always been looking for,

Even though it’s right there before my eyes,

I don’t need you to tell me,

To break open the shell,

And crack the surface,

Of the many secret worries,

That gather inside of me.

I am like you,

With the same kinds of worries,

And the same kinds of fears,

Unsure of where to go,

Unsure of what I might find,

If I fight for it all,

With all my all,

Facing forward towards the dream,

That I have always been looking for.

I’m afraid that I will fall,

From a cliff higher than mount Everest,

Yet if I stop now,

If I say,

“it’s too much”

I know I’m going to fall,

Much further than physical land.

What gives you the right,

To say, “it’s impossible?”

What gives you the right,

To say, “be realistic.”

What gives you the right?

To question my potential?

I can do it,

Among living in my career,

I can do it,

Achieve it with all my heart,

I can do it,

Gain my dream,

Find tomorrow,

Even if it’s painful,

Even if it’s tiring,

Even if it’s stupid,

I want to reach this impossible dream.

Lyrics That Must Be Sung.

The lyrics that spring into my head,

At a moment that has passed,

The rhythm and the rhyme,

Sing one line after line,

In my head,

Through the cracks, they sing,

Let me lay in your arms

Even for just a moment

I want to feel the love,

The hope,

The pain

I want to feel it all…

Let me lay in your arms

And I sing these words in my head,

Feel their pain,

Waiting on the sidelines,

For a voice to sing,

Out loud the words that I have written,

With my heart and soul,

Waiting for that something,

To fill that empty hole.

I feel it in my soul,

That words that I am singing

I can’t change the future,”

I can’t change the past,

But when we are together,

There is only love,



I hear a voice singing,

The song that I wrote,

On the telly,

The radio,

From the headphone’s

Of the person sitting next to me.

There is no stopping,

The lyrics that are sung,

The need to be sung,

Brought to life,

By the man,

With the jelly low tone,

As sticky and as sweet as tree sap,

And as beautiful as the tremors of the earth.

I am enticed by the beauty of your form,

Let me savour you in my arms,

Hold you tight,

Squeeze you to death,

Because all I want to hear,

Is the sweet sound of your

Honey coated voice.

It is the song that is one of many,

Of voices combined,

And lyrics sung,

With all their might,

The Lyrics must be sung,

Whatever the song,

Whenever the place,

Until the voices run hoarse,

Completely enthralled by the voice,

And by the lyrics they have sung.

Raining Gold.

The sky is overcast,

With the grey shadows of the winter,

Blessing the land,

With the gift of life,

Flowing with liquid,

Rich, clean, clear and blue.

The rain passes with a thunder

And a roar,

Quaking the land,

And shaking little tails

Poking out from small, unseen,

Little hideaways

Leaving behind its darkness,

Sheltering the land.

The heavy liquid,

Flattens the land,

Mowing it down,

As it rests,

And bathes,

In the storm of the day.

Then it sparkles,

Little twinkling shines of light,

Blink, left and right,




As the evening sun sets.

Its light pours over the storm,

Like and overflow of genius,

Tucked under fear.

It explodes,

In the evening,

Across the clearing sky,

Raining gold,

Painting the land,

No—bathing it,

In yellow, dying it,

This shade of tomorrow.

What is this feeling?

Of utter bliss?

Of amazement?

Of a yellow coloured world?

What is it that I’m seeing?

The sky is raining gold

Life, sunshine and hope.

The World Waits.

The world waits,

For that final breathing,

In, out,

Like frost in space,

Twinkling, light,





Bright and light,


The stars are shining,

For the years to come,

With many hopes,

And wishes,

Sparkling brightly,

For all the eyes to feast,

Upon their undeniable beauty.

They sing the songs,

In the shadows of the night,

Humming in the darkness,

Sending shivers down our backs,

We pray,

We love,

We live,

As the world waits,

For the next day,

And the next,

And the ones that come after,

Forever til,

The one last day,

When the sun’s rays,

Reach us,

Burn us,

Engulf us in its beautiful rays.

Life will bloom,

Forever more,

Dancing in the winds,

Singing in the trees,

And playgrounds,

Rolling in the dust,

Stamping in the deserts

Of love and hate,

Filling in the holes of time,

As the world waits.

The Platinum Garden.

I was inspired by this manga even though this poem probably doesn’t really relate to it.  I think I was more inspired by the title, and the idea of a “platinum garden” than what the story was about (but I did like the way the story was going).


The Platinum Garden.

In the platinum garden,

We are just

One and two,

Walking in the shadows,

Hiding in the dark.

We know the secrets of those

Who come,

With their hearts full of desire,

Lust and fear.

We know the secrets of those,

Who run wild

With fury and want.

We know the secrets of those,

Looking for a safe haven.

But they don’t know,

This is a garden

For secrets to come out,

Furious and wild,

Tame and heart torn,

Courageous and enchanted.

One and two,

Walk in threes and fours,

Whispering the secrets,

Hiding in the light,

By the shadows of their oppressors,

Welcome to the platinum garden,

Where we take

Your secrets as payment,

For the solace of sanctity,

In the belief that there is peace,

To be had,

By the secrets that we hide,

From those that we love.

In the platinum garden

We are just one and two,

Walking in pairs,

Six and eight.

This it the place of enchantment,

Of lust and hidden desire,

Drawn out by the wilds that bloom,

Without fear and refrain,

Without hate and dislike,

With love and pain.

Welcome to the Platinum Garden.

Butterfly Of Change.


Take away the pain,

Aching in my heart,

Butterfly with white wings,

And the symbol of death,

Etched on its back,

Burned by power of

Past and history,

Presented to the future,

With hope and,


Change the world with

The flap of your effervescent wings,

Glimmering in the darkness,

Of hope undenied.

One moment in time,

Sifted in the light,

Of the Time Lady herself,

The change that will come,

And the change that will give,

The freedom of life,

And the gift of the heavens,

Shining bright,

Glowing gold,

Singing the praises,

Of a future to behold.

Take away the pain,

Seared in my heart,

Burned by ecstasy,

Butterfly of change,

Flap your wings for me,

Give me the strength I crave

To stand up,

Be brave,

And face the future,

I am so afraid of.

Give me happiness,



And brightness.

I will change the aching,


Burning pain,

I will take this sign,

And change it as it changed me.

Butterfly of Change,

Light of tomorrow,

Dark of the past,

You are change,

Happiness, sadness,

Life, death,

Bring it,

As it will be.


The Political Vote.

We pick and choose and hope for the better,

Voting for the better policies,

Voting for a fairer work place,

We pick and choose and think


But we only see a public image

Of the face that will lead our country

And our states,

With their heartful—

Powerful promises,

Made in exchange for our votes,

And hopefully our hearts.

But we don’t see the snarl and sly smile

Possibly hidden—

Hiding behind the cameras

And that winning smile.

It wrenches me,

Irritates me,

Takes away my faith

In humanity,

As I see that fake smile

Being boosted up

As the victorious winner.

I don’t even care about the loser,

With her red hair,

White hair,

Bland poker face.

I don’t care,

Because everyone’s cheering

Hooray!  We are saved.

But what’s the point?

It’s not the golden age…

Where politics was as hard as rock,

And difficult to smash,

It’s just a pathetic game now,

No one genuine,

No one real,

Except I suppose,

The one who was stabbed in the back,

Given the final letter,

Turned over in favour of a sweet talker,

I suppose they were interesting.

It’s too bad that they’re all the same now,

Same look,

Same smile,

Same exaggerated promises,

Draining my expectations,

Because they’re just the same as the one,

They pushed off the seat to win

During the race of the Political vote.



Okay some notes!  First, I wrote this before the Big Event down under last night, so this is actually how I felt before hand.  It seems kind of harsh, not that I read over it and think about it.  I’m not really political, and since Australia is a compulsory voting country, I can’t really say how many there out there who are really serious about voting, or about what happens beside what suits them the best.  Anyway, I wrote this originally because I thought that there was without a doubt that Tony Abbott would win (no offence Julia Gillard – you’re an idol of mine being the first woman PM but sad to say, it was a tough journey and in the end you lost…) but now that Kevin Rudd (who was originally voted as PM six years ago by the public) is back as PM, I think the world is going slightly crazy…I’m running behind him, because he would have had my vote first time round, but stilllll somehow there’s still a chance Australia is going to be Abbott’s Australia…and I’m not so sure how I feel about that…except.  In regards to this moment-of-madness poem about politics, I feel that it’s really hard for PM candidates to stand out right now…and now that Labor is a mess…well as happy as I am about K-Rudd back in action, I really feel, overall, very sorry for both K-Rudd and Julia Gillard as political figures and outstanding members of Parliament…this kind of whackiness I feel has got to be the only thing that can happen in this era, at this time, in this country, man I’m so I guess ecstatic?  to be living this momentous yet ridiculous moment in Australian Political history?  Lol anyway ‘scuse my little political rant (it seems I just couldn’t help myself….) because it is just frustrating! 

Where does the world stop?

Where does the world stop?

Spinning on its tilted axel,

Turning constantly,

Counting our time.

We’re constantly moving,

Changing our lives,

Finding tomorrow,

Finding today.

Who is the one that we’re looking for?

Dressed in that little black dress,

Suited up to their neck in shirt and tie,

Their faces hidden in the dark.

We’re constantly searching,

For someone in the crowd,

Waiting always,

For a love, and hate, anticipating.

Why do we think we know everything?

We know nothing in reality,

Pretending to be smart,

Pretending to be dumb,

Choosing to be obnoxious.

Who do we think we are?

Chasing our dreams

As though it’s not impossible?

Who do we think we are?

Wanting the world to stop

For just one moment,

So that we can breathe,

And feel the beat of our hearts.

How do we know where the rain falls?

It’s impossible to predict to the closest cm,

But we still try our hardest,

To predict the future,

For the sake of looking forward,

We ask again,

And we ask always,

Where does the world stop?

And the answer we find…

Is that it never does,

Because it will always move,

Because we must always go forward.

The Dogs Are…

The dogs are howling,

In the night,

Disturbing my sleep,

And tossing my covers.

The dogs are barking ,

In the daylight,

Non-stop, not even when

They go hoarse in the throat.

The dogs are whining,

In the late afternoon,

Looking at something,

Unable to do anything.

The dogs are scared,

At the crack of thunder,

Wriggling into darkness,

From big to small.

The dogs are happy,

At our arrival,

Wagging their tails, jumping,

Unable to walk straight.

The dogs are sad,

At the face of despair,

Head on their paws,

Their tails down, watching, sad.

The dogs are our best friends,

Walking by our sides,

Taking our every stride,

As pieces of gold, worth millions.

The dogs are our bodyguards,

From big to small, they

Will protect us,

As we would protect them.

The dogs are precious,

Best friends,


Excited, always to see you.


The Falling Star.

I am strength,

And beauty,

And elegance abound,

Standing on the stage,

With flowers in my hair,

And flowers on the ground.

The light is shining on me,

I am the shining light,

Looking down on the mere-lings,

Waving my well trained hands,

At the sight of their awe.

I am the shining star,

Standing in the heavens,

Soaking up the glory,

Of the next great win,

And then,

The clouds shift above me,

Covering the floor below me,

Hiding the eyes that watched me.

I make my next move,

With more triumph and glory in mind,

And the boss smiles,

A smile less bright

Than the one before.

We waver,

Just slightly at this slight change.

It startles me.

It scares me.

It gives something to fight fall.

But when I fight,

It suddenly dawns,

The very fact,

That I’m not good enough anymore.

But I still keep trying,

Even though the smile wanes,

And nothing comforts me,

Not chocolate,

Not wine,

Not even the friends that come around.

I can’t see anything,

I can’t feel anything,

I’m just another fallen star.

I was used like a dishrag,

Thrown away.

I was petted like a dog,

Then abandoned.

I was nothing but a tool,

Used to turn the cogs of tomorrow.

I am a fallen star,

Wallowing in my pity,

But I won’t stay like this.

I won’t let myself be the fallen star,

I won’t let others look down on me.

When the sky is dark,

I know there is a light,

That will shine before me,

And I know that it is me,

Only me,

Who will rise,

And rise,

From below to above,

Once more.