The World Waits.

The world waits,

For that final breathing,

In, out,

Like frost in space,

Twinkling, light,





Bright and light,


The stars are shining,

For the years to come,

With many hopes,

And wishes,

Sparkling brightly,

For all the eyes to feast,

Upon their undeniable beauty.

They sing the songs,

In the shadows of the night,

Humming in the darkness,

Sending shivers down our backs,

We pray,

We love,

We live,

As the world waits,

For the next day,

And the next,

And the ones that come after,

Forever til,

The one last day,

When the sun’s rays,

Reach us,

Burn us,

Engulf us in its beautiful rays.

Life will bloom,

Forever more,

Dancing in the winds,

Singing in the trees,

And playgrounds,

Rolling in the dust,

Stamping in the deserts

Of love and hate,

Filling in the holes of time,

As the world waits.

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