Daydreams. 55 Fiction.

Blue sky

She dreamed of a kiss, too good to be true.  Her fingers gripped the lapels of his jersey.

“Wake up.”

She moaned.


More moans… falling.


Her eyes flew open, a delicious blush spread across her cheeks as she hit the ground.  He was looking at her.  The man of her dreams.  How embarrassing.

To Be Happy. 55 Fiction.

“I want to be happy,” said the girl, looking tired with shoulders that sagged by some unknown weight.

“Cry, first you have to cry,” said the old man.

Her voice shook, “but how do I cry?”

“Just let it flow,” he replied.

And she did.  She had wanted to cry for a very long time.

Bear In Hibernation. 55 Fiction.

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She is a bear, huddled in her blankets all covered.  Her hair splayed across the pillows, eyes closed.  The chill could not touch her.  The rain endlessly pouring, visible through the curtains.  She smells  it—and sleeps on.  Shoots spring from moistened land as the sun rises, spreading warmth.   And she awakens, stretching, welcoming spring.

[N.B] This time last year, it was unseasonable warm.  Although I dislike immense heat, I do prefer it to be a little warmer–I miss being able to walk out with only a t-shirt on!  (and pants of course!!!!)  I probably wouldn’t mind winter so much if we actually had snow down here–that would be fun!  (The novelty of it would exceed all negatives associated with it.) But no….down under only mountains get snow, flatlands get rain, rain, and more rain, which leads to mud, which leads to mud covered dogs, which leads to ten clothing changes in one day haha.  Ah well!  I’m looking forward to summer, and luckily, today is a nice cold but sunny day <3.

It Starts With You. 55 Fiction.

She opened the book, flipped the pages, breathed in the new book smell.  Her eyes moistened, becoming shiny and overcome with emotion.   There are no words she could use to express how she was feeling right now.  All she knew were the words on the page:  This is my story, and it starts with you.

Never Back Down. 55 Fiction

The man was beaten, thrown down to the ground, sweat, blood, cut to the bone.  His eyes rolled back, his life flashing before his eyes, and the world spinning out of his grasp.  She’s looking at him.  Fearful.  Afraid.  A lion roars in him, sends his blood raging.  He surges upwards—one punch knockout win.


A woman of her own right. 55 Fiction.

There were so many things she could do.  She could punch him.  She could yell at him.  She could cry.  She could beg him.  But none of that was necessary.  It was too late.

Looking him in the eyes, a woman of her own right, she said, “good bye.”

Gathering her bags, she walked out.

[N.B.] Wow.  It has seriously been a long time since I’ve written a 55 fiction story.  But it looks like I might just be writing some more now!  I sure as hell missed writing them.

Four Seasons in One Day: 55 words fic.

She woke up early to the sun streaming in.  She washed the clothes and hung them up to a mid morning gale and overcast skies.  She collected the clothes after lunch just as rain falls from the darkened sky.  By dinnertime, the rain has gone, leaving behind humidness.  She sleeps to a clear night sky.




Notes:  First off, right now down under the weather is around 30-40 degrees celsius.  It’s hot.  What’s more, just a few hours ago there was a clear blue sky.  Now, it’s overcast, sweltering and if you look at the forecast, it’s schedule to thunderstorm sometime tonight.  Just a few days ago I would have told you the weather is crazy, being freezin’ and cold, it’s ridiculous!  And right now, I’ll tell you the same, because it’s ridiculous!!  The weather is insane this year!  Have I mentioned that sometime back during the middle of winter we had spring weather?  And that through two months of spring we had winter weather?  And the fact that on the first day of December, it was lucky, just so happened that the day was sunny and the weather reporter could say ‘It was a lovely warm and hot day for the first day of summer’.  Honestly, you’d never know that just the day before, it was cold!

Second, this is the next ‘Four Seasons in One Day’ piece.  Haha, I thought of a creative, well not really creative, but a story anyway for the theme!  For the others, click Here and Here.  And Look!  I found a Haiku I wrote sometime back: Here