Music Moment: Australia in Eurovision: Grand Final!

Australians, fellow Australian lovers of Eurovision, please don’t read for this post contains major spoilers!

It’s official! As of around 8:45am this morning AEST, the winner of Eurovision took his trophy ad held it high about his head in victory!

Hooray for Sweden, I didn’t think you’d do it again so soon and while you were a hot favourite to win, I was gunning for my favourites: #RUS #BEL #EST #AUS #LAT and that’s how I voted.

OH YES AUSTRALIA VOTED FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.  Thank you!  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity which probably won’t come around until the 100th anniversary (maybe).  I’m so glad I had this chance, because I usually don’t vote on talent shows (couldn’t be bothered), but for Eurovision, it’s my only exception!  I voted like crazy until I ran out of votes (only 20 per phone) and was so glad I got confirmations that each and every one of my votes were recorded!  Yay for Optus!

I am so pleased with the final results, I can barely contain my excitement.  Good thing I didn’t actually vomit!

2. Russia
3. Italy
4. Belgium
5. Australia
6. Latvia
7. Estonia
8. Norway
9. Israel
10. Serbia

Trust me.  I woke up this morning at 4:45am because I knew if I didn’t get at least 15mins before it started, I wouldn’t make it.  THANKFULLY I DID, because at first I freaked out when tuning into, and when it told me to download something I didn’t think I would be set in time.  LUCKILY there’s such a thing as broadband these days!  Without it, I wouldn’t know how I’d live with the disappointment of missing a part of the final.  Sure it’s songs I’ve seen performed before, but IT’S A MUST NOT MISS THING.

Anyway I heard the familiar European Broadcasting Union melody and breathed a heavy sigh of relieved.  Then it kept going and I wondered if I’d messed up on the installation (turns out it was just like a warning thing, telling ya that it’s about to start in five minutes).

And then it started.  *COLLECTIVE GASP* Well there would have been if it hadn’t been 5am in the morning, the sky still black as my hair, and the stars still peeking out through the clouds while I lay in bed, waiting for a more appropriate time to head out to the bigger tv and catch the SBS broadcast as opposed to the stream direct from Eurovision.  I wanted to vote heck!  And I couldn’t vote if I watched the stream.

Overall, it was the best show ever.  It is every year, but I fall in love it over and over.  I love most of the acts (Finland’s punk act in Semi Final 1 was a bit strange, but hey, I like Finland for the points they gave Australia!)

I’m happy my favourites got into the top ten!  Russia almost came first and while I did like Sweden’s winning song, I really didn’t think he would get all the way to the top!  But for a long time in the voting, Sweden, Italy and Russia were battling it out.  For a while Russia was winning, until Sweden completely took over, telling Russia to go get stuffed!  I’m sadden, but hey I don’t mind going back to Sweden again.  They gave us ABBA and Loreen and a whole lot more.  Last time their voting interval act was fun too!  (Putting aside all the remarks about the Sweden winner, which shouldn’t impinge on his victory I think.)

Now to Australia.

First it should be noted that Australia is NOT a European country.  We are in fact in the southern hemisphere and are part of Australasia lol.  BUT we have been a long time broadcaster of Eurovision, so this year for the 60th Anniversary of Eurovision, they invited Australia to perform as a Contestant!  I wasn’t particularly excited about Guy Sebastian and the idea of performing in Eurovision, and actually doing well, felt like an illusion, I mean, I felt like Australia was little better than the United Kingdom.  It is no secret that the UK rarely does well.  This year, indeed, they didn’t do so well again.  But Australia did!  It’s probably that illusion of first time Eurovision performers, and the fact that Australia was taking it so seriously on stage that gave them the chance (I have little to say about the song, since it’s not quite to my tastes, but Europe sure as hell enjoyed it!)

I was very proud of Australia for doing their best, even with Guy Sebastian and our disadvantageous spot as a non-European country.  Congrats to us for fifth place!! We had to fight it out with Belgium for a while there, and Belgium was one of my top favourites as well!

Music Videos of Second, Third and Fourth Place!

Russia (2nd Place)

Italy (3rd Place)

Belgium (4th Place)

On a final note, I will say, other than Italy, none of the other non-English language performance language songs made it into the top ten, which was disappointing!

Oh and because I do love Estonia’s performance:

Maybe one day I’ll get to live blog this while I’m actually at a Eurovision venue!  Well, until then, I look forward to Eurovision 2016 in Sweden! Again! Right now, it’s 10:48am, almost two hours after the Grand Final took place in Austria.  Hooray for Sweden, congrats again!


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