Random Music Moment #53

Well yesterday I posted about last year’s Jedward entrance to Eurovision, today is 2011’s entrance.

Lyrics: Check!

You say you’re on it but you just don’t know
You’re spending money like you’re on death row
You must have been mis-educated
By all the guys that you dated
You think I’ll take the bait but I don’t think so

Am I headed for a car crash?
I’m just about to meet my match, she takes the
I’m about to fall in head first
Sisters let me tell you how it works

Full Lyrics HERE

Lyrics: Awesome!

Music: Catchy

Costume: Whacky! Lol but in a positive way (as opposed to the newsreader who once introduced a news story on Eurovision on the day of the final as something weird and whacky – such a negative image, why?! Eurovision is awesome!)

Performance: RED HOT FABULOUS hahaha well enjoy today’s Random Music Moment!  I present, the 2011 entrant act …. Lipstick by Jedward


7 thoughts on “Random Music Moment #53

  1. Yay! They should have won that thing. Best entry in 2011 hands down. I bought their 2011 album Planet Jedward on iTunes and it is awesome. But guess what?!!! On Tuesday morning I am going in to the city to see Jedward perform live on Sunrise. They flew in to Sydney this afternoon. Oh squeeeeee!

    • Hahaha well I think it was better than “Running Scared” – I kind of thought this was a little too, I don’t know, plain? Too normal? Too unspectacular? Just pretty and catchy? But not much else? ANYWAY What?!?!?!?!?! No way!!!!!! Does this mean they’ll be on sunrise tomorrow? Wait–is Sunrise even on Sundays? Lol I just remembered it was Saturday–this awesome!!!! I’ll soooooo get up to watch it O.O!!!!

        • Tuesday, got it 😀 yay I don’t have uni on that day!!! hehe, I will sacrifice sleeping in to watch them 🙂 won’t be good as seeing them live, but close to it! Yeah I am, really???? I’ll check it out!!!

  2. […] Anyway!  Today’s Random Music Moment is from the 2008 Eurovision.  Greece, like Turkey, I think has a lot of well, good, catchy songs, that generally tend to get into the top ten.  This act, came third, and though it’s just another pop song, I really enjoyed the performance.  Oh yes, since it’s from a Mediterranean country, I’ve noticed, especially in pop songs, the singers tend to break into a mini dance routine in them middle of the song.  Of course, I have no proof, but I have seen it twice (once in Hadise‘s entrance and the other Cyprus’s act in 2012 – which I have yet to blog about!) so far that I can remember, it makes me curious!  Maybe I should go back and find out if there are more? Lol it’s like the acts that are solely focussing on the singer and their instrument, the singer in a massive and extremely beautiful belting out a touching ballad, and those that are active, and fun! (Like Jedward) […]

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