The Curse Mark: Chapter Seven


When Adrienne woke up the next morning, Cara de Vries had managed to become shoved to the very back of her mind, becoming the least of her worries even though she should have been the most concerning problem in Adrienne’s bank of future disasters to come.  However, even though the sun was gloriously baking Adrienne as she lay in her bed, unwilling to force herself to complete her daily pre-bar opening routine, Adrienne could only think about the events of the night before.  She was here.  Selene was here, or as she went by here, Cynthia Kaminski, well known model.

Groaning, she rubbed her temples, blinking up at the plain cream ceiling.  Part of the ceiling was peeling to her left, tucked away in a corner that it was almost barely noticeable.  If you weren’t lying on the bed like Adrienne was, you wouldn’t have noticed it.  But right now, all Adrienne seemed to want to do was to stare at this imperfection on her ceiling.  Stare and stare until it became the bane of her existence forcing her out of her bed and into work clothes.  She wanted this imperfection gone, and while she wasn’t much of a handyman, she could fix a wall. It couldn’t be that hard.  So long as it was fixed, and the blemish was finally gone after living here for such a long time.

This was how Algor Rosenberg found her a few hours later when he arrived at the bar to help with the pre-bar opening routine.  He had just walked in downstairs when he heard a string of angry French swear words explode from above, and with one glance around, it was obvious that there was no one else around.  With no other indication of any other living soul within the building, Algor took it as Adrienne getting mad over some home project or another.   This was unusual, since Adrienne rarely partook in personal home projects alone, let alone by herself.  They were just not something she was good at, yet, Algor had come to realise the woman only reacted in such a way when she was piss mad at something, or distracted, or had a mind that felt like it was going to explode.  Whichever of those reasons were currently preoccupying her mind, Algor hoped that it wasn’t all three.

He was wrong.

And when he walked upstairs and into her room, invading Adrienne’s personal space, all he could say was, “whoa…”

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This Path I Walk.

I’m walking in a direction

Where I know not,

It’s going somewhere

This path I walk

Yet the end

Is so far from the near

I wonder if perhaps

I’m actually going anywhere?

Should I go left?

Should I go right?

This path I walk

Has no fore

That I can see clearly.

This path I walk

Has a middle

With no end.

This path I walk

Is one of many

But really…

If I go forward

I don’t think I can go back…

I’m walking in a direction

Where I know not,

It’s going somewhere

This path I walk

Yet the end

Is so far from the near

I wonder if perhaps

I’m actually going anywhere?

[Notes]  Still flexing those poetry muscles again!

It’s Out!!! — Lazy Day Writing, the Literary Journal


AHHHHHHH IT’S OUT!  A new Literary Journal that accepts writers of all ages, background and experience and gives them a chance to share their work with other readers and writers.  And guess who submitted one of their short stories to this Journal? Me!!!  I’m published!  Guys I’m published!  This feels amazing!  And I was so excited!  So of course, I want to share this all with you :). (Even if it’s one short story in a new journal, it still counts, plus I love the feeling I get from this journal–you know how you can get a ‘feeling’ about a good journal and a bad one?  Well I had a good one here!)

Now, the story I published, called A Story in Time: New Years Wishes is actually not a new story for you, my lovely followers.  You may have remembered me publishing here for the New Year of 2014:

A Story in Time, New Year’s Wishes.  Part One.

A Story in Time, New Year’s Wishes.  Part Two.

A Story in Time, New Year’s Wishes.  Part Three.

A Story in Time, New Year’s Wishes.  Part Four.

A Story in Time, New Year’s Wishes.  Part Five.

However, the story I submitted to Lazy Day Writing has been edited a little and expanding ;) .  So feel free to take a look!  It’s free to download (though only PDF for now) and it’s full of some of the most interesting stories :).  I’m hoping the journal continues running, because it’s a great idea!  Furthermore, the Editor has done a great job with the whole journal.


It seems like a week for redecorating, changing things around and trying something new.  It has also been a very odd week for me too.  Earlier this week for example, I was having lunch with a friend, and silly me, I’m not sure how it happened, but I almost walked out without paying!  Thankfully my friend (most gorgeous and adorable best friend of mine!) was there to pull me in the right direction, that is: the cashiers.  The desk where I hastily pulled out my share of lunch and laughed off my dd spate of forgetfulness.

As for redecorating.  I’ve been in a mood to redesign my Words That Flow Like Water Logo.  And not just that, I made it my business to also make time to make a new header!  In the beginning, when I first started this blog, I was admittedly quite shy about putting my own works up.  I didn’t really want to put my own sketches where it seemed like I was boasting, and being overly proud of artwork which while not brilliant, are things I just so happen to like sketching.  So I kept it pretty minimal.  But lately, over the last year or so, I’ve been feeling a little bit more confident.  I just love how you can see the personal development in skill whenever I look through my old sketches or read over old work–it’s a wonderful feeling to feel like I’ve accomplished something!

For example, my original Blog logo:

I remember drawing that in 2011, as I was attempting to hone my skills.  I was getting there slowly with different body positions and things I hadn’t really explored previously.  Now, the new and improved drawing, updated as a my Blog’s logo:

Avatar copy 2

Creative tools: – hand sketch and ink – Photoshop – Starwalt Brushes from DeviantARTRedheadstock rose brushes from DeviantART

I was surprised at how much my sketch style changed when I sketched out the new logo.  Not only that, I was pleased to find how much easier it was to draw such a body position for my main figure!  Not only that, I’ve clearly become much more skilled at drawing hands–this was one of my worst skills before, one I didn’t think I’d ever improve on.

Guess it goes to show how much one can achieve given time and hard work honing existing skills!  I always believe in bettering oneself, and that there is always room for improvement.  This goes for writing as much as it does for art.  Same with attitudes to life :).  If it’s looking down, then surely, it’ll look up at one stage!

Lastly, as for redecorating, I finally got round to making a Header for WTFLW.  I didn’t know how it would look, and I always wanted to stay away from using brushes from DeviantART, thus the result is quite different to my logo.  I’m not sure if I’m too happy with it, but I like for now.

What do you think?

Undoubtedly it has a similar feel to the masthead I made for The Quarterly Book Club but this is primarily because WTFLW is mainly water and blue orientated.  The writing (written in my own hand!) in the background are actually taken from here: The Dream Weaver in which I used Edgar Allen Poe’s poem Dreams as part of the background (not brilliantly thought out, but that’s where the writing comes from!)  I shall perhaps redo the banner, make it simpler or perhaps even scrap it and start again because of course! although I like it, my need to make it perfect has struck!

My dear followers, fellow bloggers, friends and random visitors!  I hope you are all well, and that life is going well for you.  If not, I hope it gets better, just like I hope mine is going where I want it to :).

I will be posting a poem next!  (Well I hope.  I’ve been getting bursts of inspiration, but nothing has been fully formed yet!

Random Music Moment #144

For a bit of a spiritual awakening–something calmly and spectacular instrumentally!  Maybe something beautiful for your day?  Something relatively calming for the book you’re reading?  Today’s random music moment is Spiritual Awakening by Future World Music.