Music Moment: Australia in Eurovision!

Hooray!  I’m excited. I can’t believe Australia will perform in the grand final as Australia, and not as someone selected to perform for another country!

My apologies for disappearing again, but life takes its toll.  However, I have a quick moment to pop in to post about one of my favourite big events of the year!


From tonight’s Australian broadcast of Eurovision, my top four favourites are below:





I loved most of all the songs in this year’s first Semi Final, but those two are just four that caught my attention the most!

And even though  they chose Guy Sebastian for representing Australia, I still look forward to it!  For the anniversary of Eurovision, Australia gets to perform as Australia ^^ so happy right now!  Even more so that #SBSEurovision is trending on twitter!!!

And now, on to tomorrow night!

A Thousand Things to Say #3

A Thousand Things to Say #3 — Be nice. Be forgiving. Take the time to talk . You only live once.

Life is too short to hold a lifetime grudge. It’s also too short to get angry and to say nothing to the other person for a long period of time. Things become unsaid, feelings unshared, pains undisclosed. Things could be avoided if we spent less time being made and more time forgiving. I have long forgotten how to hold a grudge. I am not a saint. I still remembered the grudges I had for small slights. Yet I also had to thank the people who forgave me for my small mistakes. As a child you can say the worst things, and the fear the repercussions but we learn from these experiences. If we don’t grow, don’t learn to accept, how can we live? I will always apologise when I can because life’s too short to be angry. I fill also seek forgiveness even if it’s hard. We can’t always be nice, life makes it impossible. There is bound to be one person who rubs you the wrong way. But whether you like or hate that person unless you really speak to that person for more than five seconds will you really know whether they are as bad as they seem. Even if they are as bad, at least you gave it a chance. This world exists now but we are fragile beings. Who knows what tomorrow brings? A small mistake compared to words of forgiveness is nothing worth holding a grudge over. To forgive is the strongest power we have. They may even save a life.

Missing Book Dilemma

So.  First off, sorry guys I disappeared for a month there!  Been busy…again.


Secondly, I have a dilemma.  It goes like this….

A while back I had a sudden urge to go back and reread this series I had taken a liking to previously.  It’s been like 6 years since I read just one of the books.  The only book that was available in my local library at the time.  As of this moment, I don’t remember which book it was, only that I was aware after finishing the book that it wasn’t the first book.  I also knew that the library didn’t have any of the other sequels without having to resort to interlibrary loans.  So I left it at that. Because you know, I wasn’t that much of a reader at the time with school work taking over my life and stress levels on the rise.

Below is the series I’m talking about:


Another thing I should mention is that at the time when I first encountered this series, I wasn’t really into horror/thriller, however, since then I’ve come to really like his genre–in my opinion it’s a whole lot freakier written than shown, which explains why I always get so bored watching thriller and horror movies.

The Unseen series by Richie Tankersley Cusick really did catch my attention last time, and so I wanted to give it a go again.  Now when I went onto my library website the other day (after I went on Goodreads to double check which books belong to the series and who actually wrote the series–I didn’t know, didn’t take note at all previously, but I have a knack for remembering things about the book enough to find them through google) all prepared to go through my usual ritual.  Cracking my fingers one at the time–one didn’t crack but that’s okay, all the others did–and rolling my neck, I prepared to go on a book holding binge.  First I put some books by Gemma Halliday on hold, then I put a few books for the Quarterly Book Club on hold, then I moved onto the Unseen.

It was as I was doing this did I realise why I decided not to continue the series last time.  I just can’t believe that years later, the problem still hasn’t been fixed.  It makes me wonder if Richie Tankersley Cusick’s books were that unpopular, or that the librarians really haven’t read everything in their libraries (I know, I know, it’s impossible to read everything!  But you could at least try….I’m joking by the way).  I find book one, yes!  I find book three and four, double yes!  Essentially I’m ecstatic that those were in the system and wha-la, on hold for me.  But then I stopped.  My mind halted, and told me to backtrack because something wasn’t right here.  It only took me a second to realise what it was that was wrong.

It wasn’t there.  The Unseen Part 2: Rest In Peace wasn’t there…

Now, this shouldn’t be a big deal right?  Should I just tell the librarians and ask them to request it?  I don’t know how it works at other libraries, but I’ve tried this before.  And it became a whole big mess.  I really dislike messes, and misunderstandings and while I’m not shy, I also like to avoid conflict as much as possible, hence…I will not be trying that again for a very long time.  Which leaves me with a BIG book dilemma.  For those who can resonate my feelings, I don’t like reading a series in jumbled order.  I have a big thing for reading it in order, and if there’s a book missing it’s like my whole body freezes, my eyes widen and I’m stuck in an ongoing loop until I can somehow break it by obtaining a solution.


1) Tell the library, request book 2.  Easy.  Except as mentioned above, I won’t be doing that again for a while.  AND it’s not my fault, why should I have to tell the librarians that they suck at their job–how could they have an unfinished series in their library????? (Book Nerd Habits Kicking In).  Not to mention even if I could request it, I don’t know how long it will take to come into the library, and by then the other books will probably have to go back…

Tell the library, request book 2

2) Buy the second book.  Read it.  And get it over an done with.  But why should I buy it?  Just one single book and not the others?  I only do that if there’s only one book in the series I like.  But while I’m interested in this series, I don’t know if I like it enough to buy the second book and just read it.  I’ve look for both paperback and ebooks of book two and if I honestly do not think it’s worth purchasing the ebook for approximately $6 when the paperback is only a little bit more than that.  In saying that, I still wouldn’t want to buy just one book of a series and not the whole one, but do I really want to buy the whole series, I have wayyyyy more series I would rather spend my money on.

Buy the second book–I don’t know

3) Just read the books that I have, skip the second book and deal with it.  This is a problem.  I don’t want to skip the second book.  Having a hole in my reading this series kind of really sucks, and it’s not a very pleasant idea.  I’d miss so much, and it just wouldn’t feel complete.  I would always think about the hole in the series, and it would probably drive me mad.

Just read what I have–I don’t know

Hence, I am stuck with a dilemma.  What should I do?  What would you do?  Ignoring for a fact that requesting the book at the library is an option, what would you do?  Would you go ahead and read the series, or would you buy the second book?  Or would you just buy the whole series?  Even if you could request it at the library, what if takes so long that by the time you get it, you have to return the other books, so it feels like it had been a big waste of time to begin with?

It’s funny, it’s not even a big deal, yet it bugs me a whole lot!

The Curse Mark: Chapter Six



Boys, idiots, Cara thought as she shoved her way through the crowd.  Though Cara hardly spared a thought for who she passed by or whether they were even boys to begin with, they could have been men! But well, like Cara cared.  Uncouthness was uncouthness, and what she had seen was enough to categorise and file away.

Sighing heavily, she had no idea where to go now.  She had completely failed in her attempt to tempt Adrienne Cynzia into telling her about Lennox Vanderwerken.

Making her way to the best hotel in the city (it was so much classier to call it a town, though it looked more liked the city she had grown up in over two hundred years ago, and not at all like a city that existed in the present day), Cara charmed her way into a very last minute, upper class hotel room.   With a flick of her hair, and a flash of a smile, Cara was booked in and at a fine price too.  Even if she earned enough and had enough savings for several times over, there was no need for her to waste it on accommodation, was there?  But then, her own place would be nice.  And if she was truly honest with herself, she technically did not have that much in savings, not with her frivolous attitude to life.

As she took the keycard from the receptionist, the woman said, “I love your outfit.”

Blinking, Cara smiled, “thank you, perfect isn’t it?” She said twirling around once elegantly, showing off the Victorian era dress.   Although Cara’s head was tilted to the side looking down at her dress, she was not actually doing that.  It was just anyone who was within her vicinity who was affected by her illusion who saw what she wanted them to see, including the fact that she currently looked ten years older, slightly taller, and was twirling around.  In reality, she was merely standing there, smiling with the keycard in her hand ready to leave.

Waiting out the receptionist’s awe, Cara politely took the compliments and said, “custom made,” when the woman asked where Cara had gotten such a dress.  She had had it for years, along with a closet full of similar dresses in different shades.

“It’s amazing,” said the woman in awe.

“Yes, it is,” she said with a hint of impatience in her voice that did not match the friendly smile on her face.

Cara watched carefully, noting the way the receptionist’s smile dimmed a bit when she sensed the impatience, perhaps even heard it, but didn’t see any evidence of impatience on Cara’s face.  This made Cara highly amused.  She enjoyed watching the confusion in the receptionist’s eyes, and were it not because she had other, better things to do, Cara wouldn’t have mind messing with the receptionist’s mind a little bit more for the fun of it.

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Talon. Julie Kagawa.


Talon by Julie Kagawa
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
**Choice Read 1st Quarter Reads (Fantasy) 2015 for the Quarterly Book Club

So this is the third series I’ll have read from Julie Kagawa. Sure, I wasn’t that overly ecstatic about her Fey series, and while I liked her vampire series well enough, there were, like always things that I disliked. As for Talon, I’m finding myself in a half half place. I’ll actually give this a rating of 3.5 because while I did enjoy it, Ember was a character I could dislike as much as like. She was very unpredictable, even if her plot and character development in the book was very predictable.

I suppose it’s difficult to really judge this book with a fresh memory of another series by the same author. It makes it harder to be impressed. Reading her vampire series did catch my attention and perhaps like the genre a little more. Or maybe it was just what’s-his-name who was just such a great anti-hero character that I really had to read more about him. But for Talon, I can’t decide how I feel about it. I mean, it wasn’t crap, by all means it wasn’t. But Talon, to me, resonated a very ‘Blood of Eden’ vibe, just different character, setting and genre as well as supernatural species. Between the both, there are similarities, main girl is a supernatural creature who has to hide her true nature and meets a guy who she falls in love with and then eventually the secret is revealed explosively and then the story ends with them helping each other before parting.

In saying that, both this series and her previous one are very different. There were just some things that seemed too familiar, asides from the cheesy cutesy moments.

SO the pros…
>> Ember Hill has a very distinctive name, which I swear makes her seem more like a dragon than anything, same with her brother Dante. ‘Ember’? But still, it’s not a bad name for an MC. Character-wise, I liked her. I might have liked her more because of the alternating POVs. Without them, it would have probably been hard for me to like her because she had a personality that is so unpredicatable, she could have seemed too perfect. I didn’t really like her personal journey in this book. It was more about Garret than anything, but I guess I liked that between her and her brother, she was the naive one. Characters who know too much, sometimes find it difficult to not sound ridiculous to me.

>> Dante you rat. At the end, even though it was predictable, I feel sorry for your sister, but well, guess I’m curious about you and your character in the next book. I want to see what kind of person Dante is, other than the sketch of him that we were given in Talon, because I feel like he has the potential to be a very interesting character.

>> Garret for now, I have nothing to say about you. So far you are like the classic brooding heroic type of guy with steely grey eyes and muscles to envy. Nice as you might seem, you remind me all too much of how two-dimensional you can be if that little description I just gave is all that I can remember of you. But no, Garret is a St. George soldier, a human who is the enemy of the dragons of Talon, and therefore Ember’s natural enemy, and trained to kill dragons. He meets Ember while looking for a sleeper dragon, dragons that are assimilated into society such as Ember and Dante, and falls in love with her. That’s pretty much all I can say about him. I’m just waiting for him to inflate into a 3D guy now….because although he has a personality, hates and likes, I don’t know, I just don’t feel his character much. Maybe this is because of the alternating POV style Kagawa has adopted for Talon.

>> Riley the rogue whose POV was added later on in the story. I don’t like him, hot as he sounds. I feel like there was too much, ‘Ember must come with us’, ‘We won’t leave without her’, and ‘I can feel he belongs to me’ kind of crap. I don’t like him. Not because he’ll probably serve as the third party to a potential love triangle (though I get the feeling there won’t be one), but because I just don’t like his over confident, cocky ass.

And now, with that aside…the plot of Talon was simple and straightforward enough, but nothing really to fangirl over. While this was a very interesting read, it was also not as interesting as other things I’ve read. And reading this after Clariel, you can definitely see the difference of strengths between two different and experienced authors. In this case, if I had to pick between the two, I would probably pick Clariel over Talon, because while yes Talon suits what I”m looking for now–something contemporary (reallyyyyy craving it)–I feel I was more engaged with Garth Nix’s story than with Julie Kagawa’s.

In light of this… I’ve read quite a few dragon books, and this one does hold it’s own against other great stories I’ve read. However, I guess it lacks and which I hope to see it pick up in the next couple of novels, which it might, since that was the case with the previous Kagawa series, is the plot. Something epic would be nice, something that escalates and escalates and than explodes in bright heart wrenching explosive pieces that also melds your heart back into one whole piece and back into your chest. This is something I feel Kagawa lacks, even though she is good, somewhat, in building a relationship between two people. Well. I do intend to read Rogue next, sometime soon. Not sure when though!

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Random Music Moment #143

This song is my random music moment because of its title.

I can always do with something about ‘Dreams’.  Plus, I like what I hear, and its Bastile featuring Gabrielle Aplin