A Story In Time, New Year’s Wishes. PART FIVE>

The Lord of the Earth came when Aeon called him.  He was sombre in comparison to his usually bright and lively self.  It was startling for Aeon to see it.

“Lady Time,” he’d said sombrely.

“Lord Earth,” she responded.  She reached forward to clasp his hands.  He gently squeezed hers in return.  “Will you do it?”

He studied her carefully.  No matter how many times he had told her to find out for herself what being human meant.  No matter how many times he and Lady Death had said that she shouldn’t be so pessimistic about human deaths, she had never done it.  And yet this time, she had gone on her own accord.

“Lady Time, you surprise me.”  He nodded and pulled his hands away from hers.  Walking to the two children in the open, and touched Lily.

Aeon turned to John who was watching intently, and with her hands, she covered his eyes, and whispered in his ear, “You cannot look.”

And then, when she felt the change in time, she too called on the golden sands and let herself and John be transported back through time.

The first thing that John did when he opened his eyes and found himself back in his time, he ran.  He’d been dragged through time and had to run what felt like a mile.  But, he’d agreed if only it would help Lily.

Lily.  That was the only thing he cared about in the world.

Lily.  He ran, through people-filled streets and across heavy traffic covered roads.  He ran until he arrived at her address.

As he was about to ring her doorbell, the door opened.

It was her.  Lily, his girl.  And as he expected, she was glowing with life.  The girl who had been dying just yesterday, was now standing before him full of life.

“Lily!” He gasped, startling her.

For a moment they stare at each other.  And then it’s over, and John realises the answer before she says anything.

Aeon watches the fireworks in that city from the roof of one of the tallest towers.  It had been three days since she had taken John through time. It had been three days since she had seen John.  He’d been ecstatic but, he’d also been sorely disappointed.  She’d watched his disappointment when she returned to her realm temporarily to turn the first country into the New Year.

For the twenty-three years after, the Hourglass would turn itself accordingly until all the time zones had been aligned.  There may be one giant Hourglass, but surrounding it, there were Hourglasses that had to be turned in accordance.  And as long as the big one was turned, the smaller ones would turn as well.

The New Year.  A time of resolution and vows to change, even if they don’t come true, Aeon knew most of the people, most of the humans would feel different a year later.  They always do.

Even Aeon had felt it.

Many years ago, thousands probably, when she had been first conceptualised, she had been something akin to human.  She had a feeling that at that time, she fallen in love and had lost her lover, perhaps to something less fatal than what would have taken Lily’s life. She also reckoned that, at that time, she had watched the New Year come passed by his side as well.  That had always been her wish.

And then, when he’d gone, she had become obsessed with time.  The lack of time, too much time.  She had been obsessed.

Over time, thousands of years later, she had forgotten the meaning of humanity, life and living.  Instead she turned into the immortal that she was.  She became bored, aware that at one point in her life, she must have cared once before.  But because she had forgotten, she had become dullin her senses.

Seeing John care so much about Lily, a woman – no girl – who Aeon had felt, intuitively, may not have loved John as much as he had. Then again, Aeon was just the Lady of Time.  Matters of the heart, matters of love, that was up to the actual gods, not a legendary like Aeon.

But what she had feared, that John would be rejected; that he would be forgotten; that Lily had left her childhood friend behind years ago, had come true.  She’d seen it.  And he had known it.

That moment that she had watched in the Hourglass, had opened her heart just a little, reminding her of that past that she had forgotten.

“Hey!  Lady of Time!”  She saw him before she heard him.  He was climbing up, the ladder squeaking as he went.

She watched him up to the moment when he sat down next to her.

“Happy New Year John,” she said softly.  She didn’t dare say, “I’m sorry it didn’t work out.

“Do you have a name?”  He asked after a moment of silence.

She looked at him.  “Aeon.  I’m sometimes known as Aeon.”

“What a strange name,” he said a tad bit too dully.  “I like ‘the Lady of Time’ better.  ‘Lady’ has a better ring to it.”

Aeon frowned.  “I don’t know where it came from, it’s just a name I’ve been called.”

He laughs a little.  “Sorry.  I didn’t mean to be critical.”

“I know.”

And then for some time they continued to watch the fireworks until they ended.  And then, they sat there, waiting, watching, and listening to the voices and cheers of the New Year down below.

“Do you regret it?”  Aeon asked suddenly.

“No.  This is something I’ll never regret,” he said after a moment.

“Even though this has happened?”

“Yes.”  He looked at her.  “You did warn me…Lady Time.”

“I did.”  She paused.  “What will you do?”

Then he gave his wicked smile.  “Why, I’ll make her fall in love with me all over again.”

The End>

A Story In Time, New Year’s Wishes. PART FOUR>

The nature of Aeon’s job had always been difficult.  But yet also very simple.  She just had to pass the souls from Lady Death to the Hourglass returning them to life, so that they can be reborn.  And then, she must keep time.   She must turn the Hourglass day after day, hour after hour.

Aeon over time, grew emotionless, grew bored.  She had forgotten.  She had one more power.  But she cannot execute it alone.  And she cannot execute it without full honesty from the requester.

“You want a miracle.  A miracle on a day that is not Christmas,” she said quietly.  “What makes you think I can grant such a miracle?”

“You’re the Lady of Time,” he said sarcastically.  He didn’t believe.  Aeon knew he truly didn’t believe in her.  “What else but turn back time?”

“Time…is fragile.”  She leaned forward.  “You love your Lily and yet wish to save her.  It is very simple.  But turning back time, do you know what can happen?”

He stayed silent.  Aeon figured, he was thinking hard about the consequences.  So she said, “I may be removed from humans and their sentiments, but I have some understanding. I see it all through time, how people suffer as I watch them in the Hourglass.  I know how it seems.  If I change time, even if I can, what will change?”

She takes his hands. They’re cold.  Just as hers were warm.  “I and Lord Earth can make it happen.  But do you believe this life will not change?”

“Are you asking whether I believe enough that Lily will not leave me?”


He looks hard to the right not really looking at anything in particular.  “I believe it.”

“You will be the only person to remember that you have saved her life.  No one else will have any memories.”

He shook his head slightly.  “I don’t care.”

Aeon closes her eyes and sighs.  Then, she cast gold dust around him and her.

She whispered in his ear to close his eyes and to keep them closed.  He did.  And then, Aeon watched the golden sand around her shifting and changing her surroundings. She went from the outside of her hospital to sometime ten years before, to when John was fourteen, to when he was ten and a tiny little shrimp, til at last she the sands dropped her in the centre of a field some fifteen years before that moment where Aeon and John had been standing outside the hospital.

“Open your eyes,” she said.  The golden sand swirled once more around them, kicking up a wind, sending a breeze through her hair and ruffling his, plucking at his clothes.

He blinked three times, his eyes barely adjusted to the sun of the summer.  “Where are we?”

“You don’t remember this place?” She asked him, turning away and looking around the grassy field.  For miles it looked relatively empty.  But on closer inspection, in which she was required to squint to look further, Aeon saw what she was hoping to find.

“It doesn’t…look tha…quite familiar.”  He looked around too.  But he couldn’t see what she could.  He couldn’t because he had no idea when in time he was, and he had no idea what he was looking for.  How can one look for what one can’t see?

“Come,” she said, walking away from him and towards what she had been looking at.  “I know exactly where I’m going.”

“Wait!” He said, calling after her.  She heard him trip, swear and then stand up to run after her again.  “How the hell are you walking this fast?”

Aeon stopped.  And John ran into her.  But that didn’t stop her thinking process.  She turned to him with a thoughtful look on her face, “I think that’s because I am back in my spirit form, not just an illusion.  I’m also in the past and not the present.  Overall, I feel lighter.  So that must be why I can walk fast.”

That’s a reason?”  He said sarcastically.  “Clearly, it’s very understandable.”

“Shut up,” she snapped.  Aeon knew it hadn’t made sense, but to her it did.  Past and present, present nad future changed how she revealed herself.  Yet at the same time, all time was simultaneous for her because she was the turner of time and the Lady of Time, therefore she was all-knowing when it came to all matters concerning time.

“It’s more like, for time that has passed, I am a mere shadow of myself.  For time that exists in the presence, I am myself, even in my spirit form where I am more physical than spiritual, unable to be seen by others.  And in the time to come, I am like I am in the time that has passed.  I myself can’t make any changes.”  She paused, stopped talking and then turned back to continue walking.  “Yep, that sounds about right!”

“Hey wait!  What does that mean?  I thought you were giving me a miracle?”  John yelled at the fast disappearing Aeon.

“A miracle?  Oh yes, I did say something like that didn’t I?”


“What?”  Aeon yelled back, stopping abruptly.

“What are you doing?”  He asked her.  “Where am I? What have you done?  What about my miracle?”

“I’m talking you to look at something.  You’re about fifteen years in the past.  I’m doing what I said.  Your miracle?  Well, it’s coming!” Aeon said in a rush, her head turning back to her target location, she was a tad fidgety.  “Now, come on, we have to hurry.”

“What are you saying?”  He demanded.  “Why hurry?”

“Why don’t you look?”  She said, pointing forward to the silhouette of a boy and girl sitting just beyond their reach in the field.

She watched as he paled slightly. “Do you remember now?”  She said quietly.

“Yes, I do.”

“Do you still want your miracle?”

He looks at her.  Scenes like this can change a person’s determination.  But in John, Aeon saw no change.  He was not afraid.  Even if the present changed out of favour for him, he was not afraid.


A Story In Time, New Year’s Wishes. PART THREE>

Everyone in their life falls in love.  Whether it’s once, twice, three times, early in life, late in life, at the very last moment.  For John, John had been in love with Lily since they were little brats.  And even though Lily had acted tough all throughout their childhood, she had become weak very quickly by the time it came down to it.

They’d started dating before she’d gotten worse, so it wasn’t until later that he’d learnt about it. And there’d been so much pain in so little time.  But in the end, John couldn’t give Lily up.

Now he sat next to her in the hospital room.  She was quietly dozing.  Not long ago, not many hours ago before, she had been angry with him.  It was probably his fault that she was here.  No, not probably, definitely.

Aeon watched this scene impartially.  She realised early on that she should have felt sad.  But somehow, seeing spirits every hour handed to her by the Lady of Death, it was hard to be sensitive.  Death was natural.  Sickness was natural.  But still, seeing the process was a surprise for Aeon.

Aeon couldn’t remember the last time she had experienced this feeling.  Sympathy was it?  Indeed it was the Lord of the Earth who always visited her, when he was not looking after his realm, and who told her, most often crying, about the stories of many of the people whose souls he had passed to the Lady of Death to take away.

And then the Lady of Death would come and complain to her sometimes complaining about how the Waverers (souls that were not ready to move on and hung about life until a medium or an exorcist finally got rid of them) were the worst.  It was the Lady of Death who haunted those that haunted others and gave them just one other reason to move on.

But Aeon had always stayed in her throne room in her realm not really going anywhere, not really coming into contact with any humans.  Just souls.  If she was only in contact with souls, souls that by the time they had come to her were like unborn foetuses, then, how would she know the pain that humans felt in parting?

This had been Lord Earth’s reasoning.  Even Lady Death’s.  But for Aeon, she hadn’t come here on their suggestion.  Their reasons had been well placed, but she hadn’t come here for them.  She had come for her own selfish reasons leaving behind the throne, knowing that Hour Glass would be fine for the short time she was on Earth.  Both Earth and Death had been charged temporarily to turn the time.

John stayed beside his precious Lily.  Aeon watched by his side day and night for three nights.  Aeon learnt that Lily, despite looking well, had actually still been very sick.  The day Aeon had met John, she had been having one of her better days, who would have thought it would only last briefly?

Although John was primarily watching over Lily, he also had shifts with her parents and siblings.  But mostly, even though he was just a “boyfriend”, he stayed by her side most of the time.

It was during one of his breathers that Aeon spoke to him again for the first time in a long time.

“What is it that you love about that girl?”  She asked him.  He had taken out a cigarette and started smoking.  “Why are you smoking?”

“Lily is brave.”  He puffed out smoke. “Because…I want to smoke.” He coughed.

Curiosity getting the better of her, she reached forward and plucked the cigarette out of his hand.  He looked at her in surprise but he didn’t have to words to speak.

Ignoring him, Aeon put the cigarette to her lips and inhaled.  It was though her body had done this before.   Many, many years ago she had inhaled tobacco and she revelled in what her body now could not handle.

She coughed and coughed until all the smoke was expelled from her lungs.  “This is foul.  I cannot understand how you handle it.  You do not seem like a person who smokes.”

“I don’t usually.  Usually, I prefer not to,” he said slowly.  His eyes were wide as he watched Aeon.

Aeon passed the cigarette back to John.  He took it, still he was stunned. “But you still smoke.”  She paused, thinking, then looked at him.  “Only when Lily is in the hospital.”

“What are you implying?”  He asked.

“It stresses you out that much?”

He shrugged.  “What would you know?  You’re just a ‘Time Lady’.  Non-human.”

“SO you acknowledge my status, do you?” Even though Aeon had been out of touch with reality for so long, she still had an understanding.  “Isn’t she the one you love the most?”

“She is,” he admitted.  Then he looked at Aeon carefully.  “Time Lady huh.  You really must be.”

Aeon said nothing.  It was indeed a little insulting to be mistaken for a soul or a Waverer.  But she could hardly expect him to believe she was a god-like figure, such as though ancient Greek gods.

“Like I said before, what else can I be?”

He pursed his lips.  “What can you do?”


“I asked…what can you do?”

“This is the first time you’ve asked.”

“It’s the first time I’m willing to believe.”

Aeon stepped close to him, as she did, she began to glow.  Her gold glow fell on him.  “I read time, turn time, count time, endlessly.  I take the souls to be reborn and I give them to the sands of time.  This is my job.”

He didn’t look at her when he asked.  But Aeon was not a fool.  She knew what he wanted to ask before he asked her.  But yet she still waited for him to ask.  She couldn’t refuse if there was nothing to refuse.  No matter how much it would hurt.

Finally he looked at her, and said, “Can you save my Lily?”

A Story In Time, New Year’s Wishes. PART TWO>

His name was John.  And John liked a girl. The reason why he had caught the Lady of Time being suspicious and poking her nose in places where her slender nose did not belong, was because the girl he liked had ditched him.  He was incredibly frustrated that she’d done that so he thought if he could get someone into trouble he just might be able to make himself feel a bit better about himself.

Aeon though, was completely not what he had expected.  Ghosts he understood.  The so-called “Time Lady”, he did not get.  What the hell did “The Lady of Time” mean anyway?

John looked to his side where the evidently invisible to anyone but him girl was walking.  She dodged passerbys even though ­­­they would eventually walk through her.

As though the girl, “Aeon” knew what he was thinking, she said, “I’m dodging them for my own sake.  Even if they can’t feel a damn thing, I can.”

To demonstrate, she dropped the gown that she had been holding up.  He only watched half-heartedly as the weight of the gown seemed to pull her who posture downward a little.  With a heavy sigh, she picked up the front of her gown.

“Why do you wear such a troublesome gown if it’s that heavy?”  He asked her.

“Because in the Time Realm, nothing feels like it does on Earth.”  She picked up her pace a little to stride with him.  Even though she was slender and reasonably average heighted – though if she hadn’t been standing next to him, she would have looked much taller – her footsteps were small.  She was obviously not used to walking quickly. If anything, she was used to taking her time.

Aeon was beginning to feel irritated.  For someone who had stayed in the Realm of Time for so long, she hadn’t thought that she would ever feel irritated.  But at that moment, she did.  She felt extremely irritated.

At her dress firstly, but then at her human guide.

John was walking and going his own way.  He only stopped every so often to ask if she was fine.  That or he snorted at her.  But mostly, he treated her like a ghost.  No, he treated her exactly like a ghost.

No matter where he walked, no matter what he did, from that first moment Aeon had met John, John did the things he usually did.  She watched him go have lunch with other people. She watched him be jolly and lively.  She watched him go to work.  She watched him go home.

Not once did John tell her to go away.  Not once did she speak, so at one point – the classic bathroom moment where Aeon had followed him in – it took John another moment to realise that Aeon was there.  He freaked of course and kicked her out.

She had waited outside like a good girl, and when he came out, it had been with a clear mind.  And a mind that had remembered that he was not alone.

“Why are you following me?”  He said.

“Why not?  I have nothing else to do.” Again she tipped her head to the side.  “Does this bother you?”

He sighed then turned to face her fully.  “Yes.  No.  Normally I just ignore ghosts.  If I don’t give them attention, they’ll just go and bother some other person.”

“And yet you stopped me from snooping through some other person’s things.”

“Because it was obviously wrong.  And I thought you were real.  I thought you were going to steal her stuff.”

Strangely this man, who was very much a man, perhaps in his twenties, was childishly naïve.  Even Aeon was sure that no one at this stage of life could make such a mistake.

“What about me didn’t give it away?”  Aeon gestured to her clothes with a sarcastic flourish.

John blinked.  He hadn’t noticed.  It was probably because he had already presumed she was a ghost.  He paused.  No, in thinking, this logic made no sense.  Initially he thought she was a ghost, snooping through someone else’s property.  So after, he’d also mostly ignored her because ghosts are ghosts.  Most of them couldn’t affect the human world unless they had a tonne of anger or varying emotion in them.

But Aeon.  This girl didn’t have any anger or emotion in her, except well, curiosity and boredom.  And her face, despite the gold makeup around her eyes and over her lips, said it all. It was really hard for John to deny the fact that she could possibly be the “Time Lady”, probably most likely because he had no idea what Time Ladies were like.

She was also pretty for a woman who was possibly over a thousand years old.  So he had avoided looking at her as much as possible.  And in all the time that he had used to avoid and forget that she was following him, he realised, if she was not an ordinary ghost.  Then what did she want?  If she was a ghost, then what did she want?

Was she or wasn’t she a ghost?  Ghost was the most logical definition for John, because in truth John could see ghosts.  But she claimed to be the Lady of Time.   So what did that mean?

Just as John was about to confront all the questions he had about the Time Lady and what her job was, his phone rang.

He picked it up.  Yeah, there was one other reason why he had forgotten a girl – or was that woman? –  as pretty as the Time Lady so quickly.  He did have a life and people important to him before her after all.

“Hello,” he said, his heart suddenly beating with anticipation.  “What happened?”

“John, Lily’s in the hospital again.”


A Story In Time, New Year’s Wishes. PART ONE>

Aeon looked around her.  It had been a long time since she had stepped into the world of humans and walked among them.

There were still lights on the trees decorating the main walk.  Signs of Christmas was fading, and the noise of boxing day a roar gaining momentum.

“How pretty,” she said lifting her hand up to the sky.  She raised her face to the sky and let the snow land one drop at a time.

It was cold.

Aeon had never felt real snow.  If she had, it must have been a long time ago.  So long, she could hardly remember what it had felt like.  In her realm there was never a change in temperature.  If it snowed, it never felt like anything.  If it rained, it never felt wet.  If it was hot, she never sweated.  The temperature never changed.

And she had watched it all from her golden throne.  She’d sat there, either properly or recklessly, but always, always, dressed in the same draping golden dress that she had always worn, the dress that she was wearing now.  And that which, in her realm, had felt almost weightless, now felt extremely heavy.  The pieces and strands of gold that had been entwined in her hair had also gained weight since she had arrived here.

She figured, she should probably grab a jacket to wear.  Then again it wasn’t as though anyone could see her.  And she did like her dress even though she’d worn it for many years, it was the first of a thousand gold dresses that she loved the best.

When Aeon had arrived she hadn’t really made any plans.  She just wanted to be away from her throne.  For as long as she could remember she had only ever watched Christmas and New Years in her realm.  She had watched through the sand and watched as the time slipped away from her.

It had always seemed fun. Even though she had never hated her own job.  Even though she never aged.  Aeon had wanted to experience what these humans experienced at least once.

And for that reason, she had planned to desert her station for exactly seven days.  Well, just under seven days.  At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, she would go back and she will bring the world from the old year to the new.

Aeon walked shopping boulevard – in her head it was called shopping boulevard because there were so many shops from high to low class and then high again, or vice versa.  Since she had no money, she could only window shop.  Then again, she was also invisible to everyone, so it didn’t matter if she wanted to buy something to wear or just indulge herself, she couldn’t do it.  Aeon was the Lady of Time.  Unless all three of the legendaries stood within each other’s presence, no one would she was there.  Well…there was one other possibility, but on further thought, Aeon dismissed it, because it was really too impossible.

As she walked along the boulevard her eyes eying everything in sight, she found herself excessively fatigued.  For once she was beginning to understand the extremities that humans went to for just a little bit of luxury – or maybe that was a lot, she thought considering the girl next to her.  The girl was clearly laden down with bags after bags.

Most of the bags were of A-class materials, and every single one was a branded item.  Curious, Aeon figured she might as well have a peek to see what kind of clothes had caught this little fashionista’s  eye.

As she pulled apart bag after bag with her slender easy to slip in anywhere fingers, a voice behind her startled her.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

The girl whose things Aeon was looking through looked startled and without hesitation sent a glare through Aeon to the man who had spoken. She indignantly spoke back to him and dared him to accuse her of evidently doing nothing once more.  The man had a mind to hold his tongue, because it dawned on him shortly after the girl spoke that that girl could not see Aeon at all.

While he attempted to cool over the situation, Aeon starred at him.  It was her brazen, bored stare, the kind of stare that she had always used when new souls passed through her realm to move on to the next stage.

He was tall, well in comparison to the tall and slender figure of her legendariness, he was surprisingly tall.  Then again, he was a man.  Too bad Aeon couldn’t make him shrink.  He seemed to like his height too much.  And she wondered if he ever saw the world from beneath everyone else.  How dare he’d caught her out.  Much less even saw her!

When he finally got rid of the girl, he turned to Aeon and said, “Who are you?”

Smiling faintly, Aeon looked at the young, embarrassed and yet hardly frightened man and said, “Why, love, I am the Lady of Time.”

“The Lady of Time?”  He enunciated slowly, and sharply he said, “You don’t expect me to believe that do you?”

“Do you have another explanation for why you can see me?”  She said, one hand unconsciously reaching down to lift a little of the weight of her dress.

“A ghost.  You are the ghost of Christmas past come to haunt me in reflection of the Christmas spirit, right?”

He smirked.  Aeon though, had no idea what he was referring to particularly since she did not think like a human.  Much less know anything related to human analogies.

She blinked.  “Is that supposed to be funny?  Because I can assure you I am not a ghost.”

He just stared at her. Had he really assumed she was a ghost?  Was that normal?  “You’re not a ghost.  You’re what?”

The Lady of Time,” she said, tipping her head to the side innocently enough.



There is hope it seems….

He looks up, the tear that had once slid down his cheek now slid up, slowly and disbelievingly.  His blue eyes looked up to the heavens, as clear as the water that pooled around him.  The sky was parting above him.  Opening its pillow soft folds like the ribbons of icing on top of a cake being pushed against its grain.

All around him the world was crying backwards.  Raining upside down.  Returning life’s drink to its giver, creator, maker.  All the while, the girl who lay where he knelt remained as still as a carving.

His hand lay on her chest, the other supporting him as he leant back in undisguised awe.

Not so long ago he had her in his arms, alive, breathing.   They’d been drenched from swimming in the lake.  He’d had his arms around her waist, her small waist, and his forehead against his.  She was his love, his one and only.  Not beautiful, not ugly, but her heart as pure as gold.  The way she looked up at him with those brown eyes, set in a face not remarkable at all.  But there she was, looking at him, sharing his breath, breathing with him, all while they were in the water.

It was sin for him to be this way.  He was her guardian.  Her protector, and yet, through sheer coincidence and much protection, he had fallen in love with her.  His sweet angel.  His hands held her cheeks, and brushed away her tears.

He had whispered, “You’re mine.”  Possession had never been the intention, he hadn’t known that love could be possessive.  It was raw to him.  New to him, but he liked it.  He liked her, he liked everything that said her.  Did they, they who were his masters say that he should not, cannot fall in love?  Was he not an angel of goodness?  Did he not do everything when asked?

He held her close and said, “I love you.”

They sat what felt like hours in the day.  The sun beat down on their fair skins but neither of them had cared.  Just like she didn’t care that her dress was soaked, or that he was shirtless.  She hadn’t cared.  What she’d cared about were his wings.

Great arches of whiteness that extended from his shoulders.  They had wrapped around them in the water.

The water didn’t ripple.  It wasn’t cold either.

His hand was always much bigger than hers and he always enjoyed catching her small hands.

She’d known always that they weren’t destined to be happy.  They love she’d said was destined to be a tragedy, if they didn’t stop.  But in the water, she’d looked up at him with those eyes and she knows, just as he knows that they could never be a part.  They loved each other.  He knew it was better to stop this now.

“We’ll always be together,” she said, even though the knowledge was in her eyes.  He knew that she couldn’t be selfish.  She was always altruistic, it was why she was given a guardian angel in the first place.

“But you are my guardian angel.  I cannot compromise your duty, as you cannot compromise mine.”

Even as she said it, he could feel his blessing-given heart breaking.  Did his master not want his warrior guardians to be happy too? Was he selfish for thinking so?  He held her small shoulders.  And ran circles with his thumbs.

There was never a moment more where he felt so selfish.  He was an angel, an angel of the deity, but also, he was a guardian angel.  His duty was to protect.  His path was not love.  But here she was.

Was true love selfish?

“I’m thinking of communing with him to change my guardian angel.”

The world from below his feet then.  He didn’t want to lose his duty.  But the Master would give her what she asked, then call him into question.

But he was always watching.

The Master had always asked for hope from his guardian angels.  He had always said that hope is what they should give, if there was anything ever to be given.

But he could not give hope to her.  He knew as she knew that they needed the master’s blessing.  But the Master would not give his guardian angel a blessing if his guardian angel was the one to blame.  She was the golden girl.  Pure and simple.

She had needed a guardian not a lover. And he had failed her.  Why was that wrong?

[I wrote this story a long time ago, and reading over it, I find it questions something others might find either offensive or disagreeable, sooooo I’m sorry if  I do offend someone because it might infer religion and religious views. Please don’t take it personally, I just wanted write an innocent story about a girl and her protector who promises to protect eternally, yet in the end, cannot.  I wanted to write a story about reality, the ups and downs.  I hope you enjoyed it. ]

Like a Friend. ‘The Diamond of Truth’ Part Seven.

First of all, it’s unbelievable of me that I forgot about this series.  And when I looked back through all my blog material, I was like, omg~!  So I am going to finish it.  It is completely unacceptable that I stopped this abruptly.  SO here are the six other parts:

Like a Diamond.  Part One.

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And in continuation here is Part Seven, at long last, hopefully you enjoy!  If there are any inconsistencies (let me know!!!) although I made sure there weren’t.  But I might have missed something.


Like a Friend.

What was her father doing?  Her head was aching now.  But Fel had to find him.  They couldn’t stay here anymore.  She turned back pulling the thin shawl around her body, up and around her head.  It had been a long time since she’d felt like this.  When had it been?  Was it before meeting Dallas?  It must have been.  There was not a moment after she’d met Dallas that she remembered anything pleasant between her and Gevrid beside the odd moment or two where he helped her.  But those were rare, not with his position as Captain, he couldn’t do anything more.

She stopped in an alcove for a breather.  Her head ached.  Her hands felt clammy against the cold concrete wall.  And she took that moment to take a seat.  She hugged herself, pulling her knees to herself.  There, she breathed.  In and out, the air seeped into her soul reinvigorating her heart.  And she stood again.

As she strode out of the alcove, she felt a shift, a ripple through the air, and the diamond burned against her chest.  She jerked the shawl away and looked at the glowing diamond.  Feelling eyes on her, she looked to the left and found the younger Felicity staring at her.  On her chest, her own diamond reacted.  And Fel moved to moved, jerked forward by surprise.  But time shifted and Fel was no longer looking at Felicity but at someone else.  Someone across time and space, who could see her, but if he tried to touch her, he would only grab air, doomed to wonder if she was dead or not.

“Felicity,” He said in shock.

“Gevrid,” she replied, the faint touch of water in her eyes.

They stared at each other.  The air shimmered between them, but it didn’t feel muggy and suffocating like most hot air.  Instead it felt cool, gentle, and beautiful.

“I forgot,” she said.

“Forgot what?”  He said confused.  “When did you get back?” Fel walked up to him, reaching out to touch him.  Through time, he felt so alive, so warm.  And he was startled.  As startled as Fel.  But he wouldn’t show it.  He wouldn’t tell Fel that he was as startled as Fel.  Fel just knew.  Because she always knew.

“I forgot us.”  A stray tear, crystal blue, slipped down her cheek.  She wasn’t clutching her head anymore.  There was no more pain, no more ache.  Just clear white snow blanketing her heart and mind.

“Fel?”  He was suddenly awake, and not under a daze.  Had he always been under a daze with her?  He reached up to touch her, but like the effects of time, she was in the past, a ghost of her former self, and therefore, transient to him.  “Fel?  Fel, where are you?  This isn’t your ghost is it?”  He started to panic.

“Gevrid,” she’d said it with an unintentional smile.  She stroked his cheek, relieved.  “Gevrid.  Don’t worry I’ll be back soon.”

“Fel!”  He screamed, but he was already fading.  The diamond on her chest, cooled, and slowly, slowly, the headache returned.

As he faded, Fel wondered why she wanted him to hold her, caress her, touch her hair and her skin the why no one else was allowed to.  Memories came back to her, little things she forgot suddenly seemed as bright as the sun.  She remembered where she lost the hanky Gevrid gave her to wipe her eyes.  Looking forward, she saw herself.  The younger Felicity was staring with the kind of eyes that would forget later on.

The young Felicity looked at Fel with big wide eyes.  She was so full of awe, Fel wondered if Felicity had even noticed the diamond on her chest.  If she had, it was lost under the sea of grief, fear and awe.

“Who are you?” Said Felicity.

“Just a dream,” said Fel.  Fel took a shaky step forward, touched the little girl on the head and walked away.  As she passed the little girl, she whispered, “Grow and love, live as you want, don’t hold back.”  And just as quietly as she came, she left, leaving nothing but a whisper of an impression in the young girl’s mind.  Fel knew, as living proof, that Felicity wouldn’t remember the face of the woman who said those words that had drawn her away to Dallas in the first place.  Felicity would only remember the words.

She couldn’t find her heart as she ran looking for her father.  There was nowhere for that elusive beating centre to hide in her body, but it wasn’t just a “thing”, it was a raging river of abstract notions such as “love” and “hate”.  It was calm for contentment and violent when upset.  It was unrestrained, abundant, almost overflowing on occasions.  Fel was hurt.  It ached where it had been passionate, in the times she’d needed to feel passion the most, it had been unrestrained and rebellious.   Now, now the pain was overreaching, rushing down the river without any bounds, there didn’t seem like a moment it would let up.

Her father was talking to her mother.  Fel doubted her mother knew it was him from the future.  But her father had aged harshly and his lines were deeper.  He slouched now, when he walked, but he was still proud.  And Fel thought, that must what her mother was seeing.  Because her mother didn’t even shrink away.  And her father was being so gentle to her.  He must have reverted to his younger self.

“Father.” He turned slightly at the faint sound of her voice.  This man she was seeing, was the man who should be running the kingdom.  Not the king at the moment, not the one who’d pushed her to the edge, and taught her the meaning of passion.

But her father still had a long way to go, for he was not the friend she had before, for Gevrid was a friend she had lost, and for the fact that she cared.  Her father was more like what a king should be.