Random Music Moment #145

I have been obsessed with epic music lately.  I’m not sure why, but I guess this one has been striking the heart profoundly lately!  Called Never Surrender by Phantom Power Music, for some things I just don’t want to give up.  And lately, that’s two things.  One is the direction of my career, and the other, well 😉 that remains to be seen.

Enjoy today’s Random Music Moment!  (I intend to not let the weather get to me either–with it being absolutely freezing and wet, completely dampening my days and making me want to stay in bed all day which I can’t because there’s just so much to do sometimes!)

Random Music Moment #106

I don’t know where this song happened to wiggle into mind for the first time in how many years.  I don’t know if it was on the train, in the shops, from the tv, but it was somewhere, and yet, I’m glad I can hear playing again and again in my head with lyrics that don’t make sense and a tune that’s unforgettable, because it’s nostalgic, a song from my childhood, which gives me plenty of pleasant careful days lol!
SO actually the song lyrics are good, narrative and rhythmic, but every time I hear the song, and every time it’s in my head, somehow the lyrics get all jumbled up.  I can safely say though, that the main part of the chorus and the title of the song, goes unchanged in my head…plus the tune.  I can’t forget that tune!

Blast from the past, please enjoy today’s random music moment: Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer.


Random Music Moment #105

One of my all time favourite bands.  One of my all time favourite songs.

Tonight’s Random Music Moment: Fix You by Coldplay

Random Music Moment #104

There’s something about this song that I like.  There’s something about it that gets itself stuck in my head.  Whatever is, I have yet to discover.  Please enjoy today’s Random Music Moment Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men.

Lyrics That Must Be Sung.

The lyrics that spring into my head,

At a moment that has passed,

The rhythm and the rhyme,

Sing one line after line,

In my head,

Through the cracks, they sing,

Let me lay in your arms

Even for just a moment

I want to feel the love,

The hope,

The pain

I want to feel it all…

Let me lay in your arms

And I sing these words in my head,

Feel their pain,

Waiting on the sidelines,

For a voice to sing,

Out loud the words that I have written,

With my heart and soul,

Waiting for that something,

To fill that empty hole.

I feel it in my soul,

That words that I am singing

I can’t change the future,”

I can’t change the past,

But when we are together,

There is only love,



I hear a voice singing,

The song that I wrote,

On the telly,

The radio,

From the headphone’s

Of the person sitting next to me.

There is no stopping,

The lyrics that are sung,

The need to be sung,

Brought to life,

By the man,

With the jelly low tone,

As sticky and as sweet as tree sap,

And as beautiful as the tremors of the earth.

I am enticed by the beauty of your form,

Let me savour you in my arms,

Hold you tight,

Squeeze you to death,

Because all I want to hear,

Is the sweet sound of your

Honey coated voice.

It is the song that is one of many,

Of voices combined,

And lyrics sung,

With all their might,

The Lyrics must be sung,

Whatever the song,

Whenever the place,

Until the voices run hoarse,

Completely enthralled by the voice,

And by the lyrics they have sung.

Random Music Moment #100

You know I was surprised to learn about this song when I was watching X-factor Australia.  I’ve heard it so many times, and it’s been out for so long, I never realised that it was Adele’s song.  I guess I was just surprised because it’s a completely different tone to her other songs like Rollin’ In The Deep, Someone Like You and Set Fire To The Rain.

Today’s Random Music Moment is Rumour Has It by Adele

And Adira Belle doing a rendition for their audition for X-factor Australia know how to make it sexyyyyy!  Haha, I loved their performance!

Random Music Moment #99

I like Wolfmother, it’s one of my favourite bands along with the fact that it’s an Australian rock band.  I love their music, especially their first album.  Though, I wonder what it is that I like about it?  I mean, sure it’s rock, sure they have great sounding music, but it’s just like any other rock band out there.  Since I can’t figure that, I figured, I’d just go with ‘one of my all faves’.

And along with one of my all faves, in their first album ‘Wolfmother’, is that song “Apple Tree”.  I love listening to it, but it took me a while to realise that there are only two paragraphs that are constantly repeated as the lyrics, example:

Dear Sir, can you remember me,
Have a look inside the family tree
Dear Sir, can you remember me
Have a look inside the family tree

Your daughter is so fine to see,
Unraveled some mystery in me,
When i see the apple in disguise,
Ohh my love i can recognize,

Full Lyrics HERE