Random Music Moment #59

Watching all these Eurovision acts are really nostalgic.  My memories accompanying them are vague, but the performances are memorable.  This one though is both memorable for the act and for the memory.  I remember this song, particularly, because my friend, who also watches, and is absolutely crazy about Eurovision had the lyrics stuck in her head, so for weeks on end after Eurovision we were singing in throughout the school corridors, breaking out whenever we felt like it.  It was fun.  Memorable, and just a secret (sort of) between her and I.  I think the chorus is so unreasonable catchy since it made me sing out loud when clearly, for those who know me best, I’m not really a sing out loud kind of person.  Plus this is a pop song, something which I don’t really listen to any more.  It’s funny, I’m more into rock or alternative rock these days, yet anything Eurovision, I’ll listen to.  Weird? Geezzz I feel like I’m stereotyping or being musically discriminating.  But it’s true.  I don’t mind the music that comes out of Eurovision, usually there are interesting reasons behind why they’re chosen or why they’re popular.  I especially love some of the winners in the past decade.  Some though, I can’t quite get my head around why they won.

Anyway!  Today’s Random Music Moment is from the 2008 Eurovision.  Greece, like Turkey, I think has a lot of well, good, catchy songs, that generally tend to get into the top ten.  This act, came third, and though it’s just another pop song, I really enjoyed the performance.  Oh yes, since it’s from a Mediterranean country, I’ve noticed, especially in pop songs, the singers tend to break into a mini dance routine in them middle of the song.  Of course, I have no proof, but I have seen it twice (once in Hadise‘s entrance and the other Cyprus’s act in 2012 – which I have yet to blog about!) so far that I can remember, it makes me curious!  Maybe I should go back and find out if there are more? (Now I’m starting to feel like I’m stereotyping, how about I just move on? lol)

Lol it’s like the acts that are solely focussing on the singer and their instrument, the singer in a massive and extremely beautiful belting out a touching ballad, and those that are active, and fun! (Like Jedward)

Kalomira has the kind of voice that generally, annoys me, yet she sings the song well.  Her stage performance is good, and though the camera angles sometimes annoy me, I did overall, enjoy the performance!  So enjoy!  Today’s RMM is Secret Combination by Kalomira:




6 thoughts on “Random Music Moment #59

    • Bahahaha Yeah I forgot about that part. Guess it shows how passionate Greeks are? 😕 Yes! I think you do 😛 well, for me, I am a passionate australian fan of Eurovision and well last year was good, I thought the year before was better… Thank you for commenting! 🙂

  1. I love all your random Eurovision moments. Each one brings back memories. For example, I remember that song but I had completely forgotten about the soft porn postcard that preceeded it.

    • Aw thank you! I’ve been a bit slack lately on writing something about each song. So I thought I should get to it today! Unfortunately I felt like I wrote an essay…something I should’ve actually been doing (since I do have one due monday)…but I got distracted :P. Yeah I forgot about that too haha, but, oh well, it’s an interesting postcard, I wonder why it was a couple making out? Not sure how it reflects Greece!

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