Bear In Hibernation. 55 Fiction.

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She is a bear, huddled in her blankets all covered.  Her hair splayed across the pillows, eyes closed.  The chill could not touch her.  The rain endlessly pouring, visible through the curtains.  She smells  it—and sleeps on.  Shoots spring from moistened land as the sun rises, spreading warmth.   And she awakens, stretching, welcoming spring.

[N.B] This time last year, it was unseasonable warm.  Although I dislike immense heat, I do prefer it to be a little warmer–I miss being able to walk out with only a t-shirt on!  (and pants of course!!!!)  I probably wouldn’t mind winter so much if we actually had snow down here–that would be fun!  (The novelty of it would exceed all negatives associated with it.) But no….down under only mountains get snow, flatlands get rain, rain, and more rain, which leads to mud, which leads to mud covered dogs, which leads to ten clothing changes in one day haha.  Ah well!  I’m looking forward to summer, and luckily, today is a nice cold but sunny day <3.

A Waterfall of Rain.

It comes all of a sudden,

A touch of cold,

The smell of the sea,

The faint drops of the rain,

From a sky,

Still a picturesque cloudscape,

Of grey, white, pink and blue.

It falls, slowly, one drip

After one drip,

Falling and falling,


I can’t help but breathe,

I can’t help but feel,

Elated in where I stand,

I am elated,


Can’t help but raise my arms

And scream in pure joy

As the rain,

So cold against my skin,

Sizzles away the heat,

Filling the air

With the mist of yesterday’s heat.

I feel it,

The faint tingle in blood,

The wetness that slips down my back,

Soaking my clothes,

It clings to me,

That wonderful, wonderful feeling,

It has a name,

As it falls with the rain,

It’s a waterfall of rain,

No, it’s a waterfall of relief.



Summer comes after the cold,

Crawling in with the pollen,

Blowing hot air,

Wiping away the traces of the wet.


Summer is the season of life,

The thrill lure of being reckless,

The burn of the sun.


Summer catches one by the hands,

Twirls then around and around,

Sends them flying into the pool,

Dowsing in water for coolness


Summer is the sun,

Burning bright and brighter,

Drowning us  in its golden light,

Giving us a sunset to look forward to

On the horizon by the sea.



Comes in the middle of the day,

In the midst of busyness and air con,

It’s the moment you step outside,

And it sinks into you,

The Hotness of the summer,

The Hotness of the Heatwave,

The moment you feel it,

The drowsiness that comes with it,

It’s so hot,

This unbelievable, suffocating hotness.


Four Seasons in One Day.

The sun in Melbourne,

Is hot and vengeful,

Turning the fields,

The towering Eureka,

Sprinkling gold dust,

On a glimmering gold city,

The summer in Melbourne,

Changes with a heartbeat,

Like a fickle child.

And then the clouds,

Swarm across the sky,

As the sun goes from

Low to high,

And a cool change descends,

Embracing the city,

With it’s cool arms,

Leaving the city’s residents sighing,

Four seasons in one day.

At The End of The Day…

Sequel to The Rain That Refused To Stop…

He ran after me.  I was storming mad for some reason.  Some reason you broke my heart.  All you said was, ‘I can’t just like you.’  On the beach I wanted to scream at him to stop following me.  But he caught me, held me and said quietly, ‘Not like, I think I love you.’

The Rain That Refused to Stop…

Sequel to The First Time We Met…

Drenched the ice-cream you were offering to me.  It was so sweet, I laughed.  You looked sheepish too and you tried to cheer me up.  So I ate it.  We talked for hours and I couldn’t help but like you.  Then you broke my heart, stuttering.  How could it have become the worst Valentine’s ever?

There’s a final sequel coming! 

Waiting For You.

I waited, people came and left.  Planes landed, planes departed.  The sun set slowly, and my heart raced, anticipating.  And then I see you.  I said I couldn’t do it but I couldn’t let you go.  I want you to know how anxious I am.  How I missed you.  I would wait forever for you.

A Bright New Summer Love.

Hard to believe.  But my only dollar is in the drain.  The relief of a maccas soft serve, a dream away.  I sighed, sitting back on the curb. What to do? A guy sits next to me, in his hand, a gold coin.  He’s cute, and I think, what a beautiful summer this will be.

The Summer Days.

One day passes after the other, hot and sweltering, yet the sparkling highlight.  Summer, drowsy, hot and humid, the beach, the waves.  They crash against me.   I wrap my arms around my boyfriend.  ‘I love you.’  I remember why we’re together.  He’s the only one who makes me smile and laugh in the summer heat.

When Summer Comes.

The air becomes warmer, the sky turns fluffy white and blue.  The mornings are brighter and the first thing you think is, ‘I think I’ll get up early.’  There is nothing dark and heavy and you don’t want your blankets to wrap around you tightly.  You just want to be outside.  That’s when summer comes.

And it comes in all its glory, bringing is hot circle of fire arcing across the sky, heating and lighting the world, scaring away the shadows.  There is no sign of wind or rain.  There is not a single jacket or jumper in sight.  Just blazing pale flesh and dazzling smiles with sunglass covered eyes.

Beach brollies, beach trips, trips to the sea.  Tanning and beach volleyball, relaxing by the sea.  On the beach with friends, family and random strangers you vacation.  It’s a holiday.  It’s a summer holiday, no worries or stresses at all.  You feel the warm sea water against your legs. You smile at no one particular.

You rejoice, thriving in the summer sun, basking in its beauty, with all heart and soul.  It is the light against dark, lighting your day.  No amount of office work or uni work or school work can dampen your happiness.  You stare out the window and forget about the rest.  Summer is here, you know.


The heat sizzled his skin and changed its colour takes us all from this world to another.  The air seemed to waver in the distance.  Was the tar melting?  There was no air in the air.  In which world had we landed?  In this place, summer was a rare expression of joy.  Let us rejoice.