Haiku #9

The sun is setting

And the uni work piles high

Disappear, run, hide.


[Readers, followers, fellow bloggers, I apologise now for any slack that’ll be evident over the next week.  I’m drowning in uni work.  I hope to be back on schedule soon!!  Hope you understand 🙂 thanks guys!]

Haiku #8.

Fallen coloured leaves,

Lining the cracked worn out road.

The darkness is here.


Haiku #6.




Image Source (where you can go check out more of their works!): By Fae-Light – http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=rose+vase&offset=24#/d4kj5zp

Only this poem is mine 🙂

Treasured rose vases,

Beneath the waning spring sun,

Turning to gold.

Haiku #4

Source of the Image: http://www.wallmay.net/Nature/Flowers/tattoos_cherry_blossoms_vocaloid_flowers_hatsune_miku_wind_long_hair_spring_kimono_blossoms_pink_hai_26973

But the poem is mine 🙂