Of Love and Hate.

We are enthralled by the eyes,

Of a man who loves us entirely.

We are enthralled by the sweet words,

Of a man who catches our eyes.

We are enthralled by the heat,

The explosion of energy that sparks between us.

We are just a woman,

And a man,

We are just a girl,

And a boy,

We are just two people,

Falling in love,

At a flash of a moment,

Unable to conquer,

This endless desire.

It draws from us our silliness,

We trip, we fall, we say something stupid,

We get embarrassed, we turn around, we walk away,

We so badly want to touch her,

To touch him,

We know we can’t.

Because there’s this line between us,

So fine, it separates the difference,

Between love and hate.

We are unique beings,

With our own desires and wants,

We are separate individuals,

Moving at our own pace,

We are two people in love,

Looking for a way to exist side by side,

In an endless romance,

That is untouched by that fine line,

Of love and hate.

In love is like loving,

Loving where the heart is open,

Open to that other person,

Accepting, and believing,

Believing, that it is possible,

To love more than hate

The flaws that create

That fine line

Of love and hate.


Love In Secret.

I wrote a letter,

And signed it with a heart,

Posting it in your locker,

Mail box,

Under your door,

And ran away for another day.


I watch you from afar,

Laughing til your sides hurt,

Slapping the back of your best friend,

Shaking their hands until it’s numb,

Knowing that it’s another experience,

Another happiness just being there.


I confess to you,

A hundred times in my sleep,

Opening my heart,

To reach yours,

Across the moonscape, telling,

Without telling, how much I love you.


I see you walking beside me,

My friend of old years,

And long years, sharing your secrets,

Hugging me, kissing me,

Not knowing of my pain,

Thriving, swelling in my heart.


I kiss you when you’re sleeping,

Put roses in your shoes,

And sweet nothings next to your breakfast,

With my hope

That you will have,

A beautiful, lovely amazing day.


I am your stalker,

Your lover and lover’s greatest fear,

I mean no harm with what I do,

But trust me on this,

I will watch you always,

From afar, loving—

With this love in secret.

I Am Me, You Are You.


I am me,

You are you,

We are one,

We are two.

Where we go,

What we see,

Takes time,

For both,

You and me.

We are three,

Searching for four,

Finding five,

Lost in six.

I am me,

You are you,

Lost in love,

Scared of lust.

One is finding,

Two is changing,

Three is looking,

Four is deciding.

I am me,

You are you,

Can’t we be,

Just two and three?

Uniquely different,

Separated by one,

Following each other,

Going forward,

Chasing back.

I am me,

You are you,

Let’s find a way

To be,

Who we are,

In a world

Of ones and zeros.



Boys Are Stupid, Girls Are Stupid.

Boys are stupid,

If they think we can read their minds.

Boys are stupid,

Who need everything spelt out,

In a sentence that’s more than one word.

Boys are stupid,

Because their brains are on fire,

With thoughts and feelings,

They can’t express,

Except in the most vulgar way.

I am a woman,

You are a man,

Our minds are the same,

Yet different from the same.

I think like a woman,

Cry like a woman,

Get hurt like a woman,

Feel shame like a woman.

I act like a man


I act like I don’t care,


I act like it doesn’t hurt.

But I feel the same pain,

As you do.

I feel the same shame

As you do.

I feel the same hot fire

As you do.

So why do I judge?

And call you stupid?

You infuriate me

Cheat on me

Love me

Hate me

Can’t make up your mind about me.

Who am I to you?

I am a woman,

You are a man.

I’ve cheated on you,

Because you ignored me.

I’ve hurt you so you can feel

The shame that should be felt.

I lied to you

Because you did nothing.

I am a horrible person.

But aren’t you the same?

Do you love me?

Hate me?

Ashamed of my rash actions?

Because I’m starting hate you,

Not because you didn’t love me,

Not because you started to hate me,

Not because our feelings weren’t there.

It’s because we are the same,

Doing the same things,

Acting the same way,

Unable to connect,

When it’s time to connect.

I am a woman,

You are a man,

We are ashamed of each other,

Hurting each other,

Unsure of each other.

Girls are stupid, you see,

We forget to care,

Even though we care so much.

Girls are stupid, you see,

Because we think of romance,

So much, sometimes

We forget about the present.

Girls are stupid, you see,

Because our brains are on fire,

With thoughts and feelings,

We can’t express,

Except in the most stupidest ways.


Love is…

Happiness the shade of light

And dark,

It’s the moments when we are

The most happiest

Filled with joy

And exploding brightness,

Where nothing matters

Anything more than

Being with the ones

We love the most.

Our boyfriends

Our husbands

Our families

Our children.

Love is the greatest feeling

Both great and confusing,

Dizzying and electrifying,



We want it all,



Moving our choices,

To suit them,

And us,


Even in darkness,

Where love is blind

To the other’s faults,


And painful lies,

We still love them

More than anything.



Is incurable, yet constant,

To the extent of heartbreak,

And disappointment of missing, it is painful,

Painless, to watch from afar,

The source of my feelings, that explode.

Quote #67

Marilyn Monroe


From Marilyn Monroe…

“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”