Random Music Moment #97

So firstly, sorry guys for pushing another Eurovision (this one is from the Netherlands) song on you, but this one has been stuck in my head all day.  It’s one of the unusual acts, taking on a different tone in comparison to the majority.  I liked it because of this, even though I didn’t really think twice about it the first time round.  I think it’s because it weaselled its way into my head with its silkiness…

Today’s Random Music Moment is Birds By Anouk


2 thoughts on “Random Music Moment #97

  1. I actually didn’t rate this song. I like lots of other stuff by Anouk but I found this one quite boring and sleepy actually. I feel it lacked her artsy edge. But it does get stuck in your head. And now I am singing it. Thanks for that.

    • Hahaha sorryy! 😛 Well I agree, I didn’t rate it either, and it was definitely not on my top ten list, but it was definitely one that wiggled into my head at random moments. Compared to the other acts, this really wasn’t very outstanding….

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