Random Music Moment #68

This was the first winner I remembered accurately. Do you know why? It’s because my grade 5-6 teacher mentioned it to the class. Hehe I thought, like any arrogant child would, that only I was the Eurovision master. I thought I was the only one who watched the great and wildly wonderful Eurovision.  Turns out the world was a tad bigger than I thought.

The effects: One) Ruslana‘s Wild Dances is probably one of my favourite perfances.  It’s wild, aggressive, energetic.  The dancing is top-notch and the music is interesting.  Two) If I could remember that performance, the time and approximate month, then I was old enough to remember other things ;P

That was the upside.  The downside, I still had trouble pinpointing the month and day, you see the calendars for the next year don’t come out until the end of the year, so even if I wrote it on the current year’s calendar, there was a chance, mostly likely that I would forget and throw it away before writing it down again.  Haha.

But yet, despite the possibility of me completely forgetting, I remembered.  Hehe, well, anyway, enjoy today’s Random Music Moment!

Wild Dances by Ruslana


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