The Curse Mark.

So lately I’ve been working on a story.  It’s based off characters that I made during my year of role-playing on Goodreads last year (2014) which I became enthusiastic about because it was something different, and definitely balanced out the sometimes draining academic fourth year. I have always wanted to develop their story away from role playing, even though by role playing with others you can easily develop your character further however, the character may or may not develop the way you want them to, and lately, I’ve been wanting to write their stories.  Although I usually prefer writing contemporary, fantasy or dystopia, I never thought I would be writing something supernatural.  Look out for the chapters!  I’ll be posting them soon :).

The Curse Mark

A Curse Is Cast…

Cara de Vries is one of the more powerful demons in the underworld.  She is renowned for offering a contract in exchange for a job well done.  However, when she is cursed by a mysterious stranger, Cara wants nothing more than to be free of the curse.  Unfortunately, she has no recollection of the man who had cursed her, and after discovering that there is angelic runic magic imbued in the mark on her arm, Cara arrives in Riverton in search of Lennox Vanderwerken, an Angel whom Cara had dealings with in the past.  There aren’t many angels she’s willing to approach even if she is not picky with who she makes a contract however there is no angel she can go to about the mark on her arm.  Not when Cara knows better than anyone that unless there’s motivation, you can’t trust anyone.  And who has more motivation than Lennox?

To Begin The Game…

After betraying Cara several years ago, she is the last person Lennox wants to cross paths with any time soon.  He had a good reason, had a choice to make when he had decided to betray the one woman whom had actually won the affections of the age weary angel.  Even though he knew that no one who crosses Cara de Vries has ever been known to survive, Lennox still betrayed her in favour of his friend.  But not without a good reason.  And now, with a pretty young Angel to mentor, Lennox really does not have the time to play a game of hide and seek with Cara.  When that young Angel seems to be questioning everything Lennox knew about his own kind, it doesn’t help that the mark on Cara’s arm is imbued heavily with angelic runic magic and that he may not be able to leave her alone.

That Will Define Friends, Family, Enemies…

Adrienne Cynzia’s bar is the hotspot in Riverton for creatures of all kinds.  No longer a god in the skies above, Adrienne has been living and making do however she can on Earth.  However, living in hiding was not her original plan, nor had she thought that she was living in hiding.  Her gift of prophetic visions never leaves her a day without a headache, and just when she does goes on day without a vision, Cara de Vries walks into her bar, turning her peaceful and sort of boring life upside down with a vision she had never wanted to see.  Discovering that Cara is cursed, and with the arrival of an old foe (or friend), Adrienne must decide whether to take on old responsibilities and help Cara at all cost.

And Force Choices Made…

Blake Feray had fallen from heaven after making a mistake.  It was so easy to be swayed, and Blayke was not like his sister capable of standing against temptation.  Once he realised what a mistake he had made, all that was left was for him to fall from grace.  Falling may not have been his life’s desire, but it was a good choice.  On Earth, he could hide.  And in Riverton, surrounded by other supernatural creatures like himself, he thought he was safe.  He thought the ‘treasure’ he had stolen and brought to Riverton with him was safe.  But when the’ treasure’, an powerful artefact of heaven, is stolen and used as leverage against him by a pair of powerful Angels on the hunt for Cara de Vries for a murder she doesn’t even know she comitted, Blayke has no choice but to comply in hopes that he can keep the box out of the hands that wanted it the most.

That Will Bring Together Good and Evil…

Truth.  Revenge.  Vengeance.  That is what Kenichi Gravitas’ sister is looking for at all cost.  Knowing that he couldn’t stop her even if he wanted to, Kenichi protects her instead.    As one of the few remaining memory demons in existence, many want her dead and others want her alive to use.  Not only does Kenichi have to worry about how to protect his sister from the dangers that plague her, he must also watch her friends, as they pursue the impossible.  Finding who killed Mio’s mother.  A vengeance that had so far been fruitless starts to bear fruit when Mio accidentally slips into the memories of Cara de Vries.  Mio gets the first lead for her mother’s murderer that she’s been searching for all this time, but the problem is, she did not know it was Cara de Vries’ memories she had seen.

To Fight A Common Enemy,

But Who Is The Enemy?

And because I simply love playing with photoshop–though I definitely think each of the for-fun covers below could be edited some more–here are the covers I made when I was bored.  All the images used to create the covers are from my own not so brilliant (and definitely needs to be replenished) collection of photos.  I should also mention that the photoshop brushes used for their creation were downloaded from deviantart: ivadesign, ivadesign, ivadesign, and falln-stock.

Curse Mark 4 The Curse Mark 2 THE CURSE MARK 5

The Chapters:  For The Curse Mark there are five main characters telling the story.  The chapters are a rotation of each of these characters.

–> Chapter One: The Devil’s Children: Cara de Vries

–>Chapter Two:  A Moon At Stake: Adrienne Cynzia

–>Chapter Three:  Can Angels Lie? Lennox Vanderwerken

–>Chapter Four: Why We Fall: Blayke Feray

–>Chapter Five: Murderous Intentions:  Kenichi Gravitas

–>Chapter Six: The Devil’s Children: Cara de Vries

–>Chapter Seven: A Moon At Stake: Adrienne Cynzia

–>Chapter Eight: Can Angels Lie? Lennox Vanderwerken

–>Chapter Eight: Why We Fall: Blayke Feray

–>Chapter Eight: Murderous Intentions:  Kenichi Gravitas 

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