Lyrics That Must Be Sung.

The lyrics that spring into my head,

At a moment that has passed,

The rhythm and the rhyme,

Sing one line after line,

In my head,

Through the cracks, they sing,

Let me lay in your arms

Even for just a moment

I want to feel the love,

The hope,

The pain

I want to feel it all…

Let me lay in your arms

And I sing these words in my head,

Feel their pain,

Waiting on the sidelines,

For a voice to sing,

Out loud the words that I have written,

With my heart and soul,

Waiting for that something,

To fill that empty hole.

I feel it in my soul,

That words that I am singing

I can’t change the future,”

I can’t change the past,

But when we are together,

There is only love,



I hear a voice singing,

The song that I wrote,

On the telly,

The radio,

From the headphone’s

Of the person sitting next to me.

There is no stopping,

The lyrics that are sung,

The need to be sung,

Brought to life,

By the man,

With the jelly low tone,

As sticky and as sweet as tree sap,

And as beautiful as the tremors of the earth.

I am enticed by the beauty of your form,

Let me savour you in my arms,

Hold you tight,

Squeeze you to death,

Because all I want to hear,

Is the sweet sound of your

Honey coated voice.

It is the song that is one of many,

Of voices combined,

And lyrics sung,

With all their might,

The Lyrics must be sung,

Whatever the song,

Whenever the place,

Until the voices run hoarse,

Completely enthralled by the voice,

And by the lyrics they have sung.

Random Music Moment #92

This is one of my old favourites, a song that I think has strange lyrics, yet, I really love the way it sounds.  Is that strange?  Ever since I started posting RMM’s I’ve become more and more aware of the lyrics of songs and I’m always surprised when I read them.  Especially when they are so different to the way they sound!

Feasting on sleeping pills
and Marlboro Reds.
(so busy won’t save you)

Oh how our parents
they suffered for nothing
Live the dream, live the dream, live the dream
Like the 80s never happened.
People are afraid, are afraid
To merge on the freeway.
Disappear here

Stroll the pier
into the magazine launch party.
I am handed a pill,
and I swallow with complete disdain.
Kick-drum bangs off the high-hat;
Remember to look bored.
We suck each others’ faces,
and make sure we are noticed.

(Cocaine won’t save you)
Because East London is a vampire,
it sucks the joy right out of me
How we long for corruption in these golden years.


Today’s Random Music Moment : Song for Clay by Bloc Party

Random Music Moment #91

What to say?  What to say?  Guess after hearing MaNga at Eurovision 2010, I did get interested in knowing what other songs they’d released.  And well, found this one!  I think the dancing pretty sharp in this, and I do like the song.

The lyrics are…interesting…

You’ve fallen right out of the sky
I could swear you’re a natural high
Volcanoes erupting inside…
When I see the sparkle in your eyes
But you don’t even realize…
Cause you’ve been hurt so many times
They play with your heart, told you lies
Thes were wrong all along, you were right.
Lyrics from


And well I like it, so enjoy?! Today’s RMM is Fly To Stay Alive by maNga

Random Music Moment #86

Okay I didn’t think I would do another Nightcore genre song, but I thought this one was good haha, it actually does a decent rendition (guess I can’t really call it a rendition if the music’s just wrenched up an octave or so and the speed was sped up a bit, can I?) well, yeah….anyway, I think  this makes the song creepier than it already was, especially with these kinds of lyrics.

Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you’ll save
Better lock it in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
If I show you then I know you won’t tell what I said
‘Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead

Full Lyrics HERE

But the Nightcore version just makes it even creepier I think!  I think despite the fact that the Nightcore genre is simply just changing pitch (and giving the singers chipmunk voices :P) and the speed, I think that it’s another way to promote a song in the sense that hey! This sounds cool, what did the original sound like?  Or maybe I’m just one of those people who like to find out the original song and No way! Check it out! LOL.  Yeah lol.

This version of The Pierces “Secret” totally made me check out the original.  So please enjoy (or not…since it is higher pitched and Nightcore…) today’s RMM and the Original (below the Nightcore version)!

Random Music Moment #73

Ah this was probably the highlight year for me.  I remember this year the best.  After such an amazing stage presence with Finland’s winner in 2006, the big Serbian song and first-song-other-than-English-for-a-long-time to win in 2007, and the simple big-voiced song winner in 2008, and then in 2009, we have the charming, young Alexander Ryback from Norway!  Seriously, this song was catchy, well-sung, interesting, with a seriously young front man.

What’s interesting about this song is that it’s based off Norwegian folklore.  It’s about the Huldra, a beautiful female creature that lures young men to her and then curses them.  Sounds like a Siren or Succubus to me!


Years ago, when I was younger
I kinda liked, a girl I knew
She was mine, and we were sweethearts
That was then, but then it’s true

I’m in love, with a fairytale
Even though it hurts
Coz I don’t care if I lose my mind
I’m already cursed

Full Lyrics HERE

But the funny thing is, when I listened to the lyrics of this song, I thought about the fairytales I knew and I also thought about the perspectives of love.  Funny how something so irrelevantly relevant could pop up and wah-la, connection of an international level.  And the schema is completely different!

Amazing, isn’t it?

I wonder…well, anyway!  Please enjoy today’s RMM, not long now to the next Eurovision!!! The winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song ContestFairytale by Alexander Rybak.

Random Music Moment #63

Always on my mind~

Always in my heart~

Full Lyrics HERE

This was another that my friend used to drive me crazy with.  She loved singing it, she loved the chorus.  Granted, it is a very cute love song, that combines lust and love in equal proportions.  It’s my own opinion, but I think it’s way better than the song that won Azerbaijan the Eurovision Song Contest!

Beautiful, love, cute, pleasant to listen to, pleasing to watch, please enjoy today’s Random Music Moment: Always by Aysel and Arash