Harry Potter Re-read Challenge!


All right wizarding fans, its time to pull out your worn out copies of the beloved Harry Potter series. Most of us grew up with Harry Potter, whether it was reading the books late into the night or staying up and watching a Harry Potter movie marathon. Many of us may not be the readers we are today if it weren’t for this series, and its time to pay homage to our book lover roots! So at the beginning of the month of July, join your hosts, Nina over atWords That Flow Like Water and Samantha at Poison For The Senses, as we try to read as many books in the series! Nina and Samantha will be posting on their respective blogs about their journeys rereading the books. You can discuss your feelings, revelations, or what ever thoughts you have about rereading the series on their blogs or you can join the goodreads group here.

Rules: There aren’t many rules since this challenge is self explanatory! Just try to get as far along in the series as you can! As for the discussions, keep things reasonable and peaceful! After all, Harry Potter taught us most that friendship is the most important thing in life. Harry wouldn’t have been successful if he didn’t have support from his friends. But we’re humans, arguments happen. Just respect each other, be polite, solve problems reasonably, and just try to support each other on reaching the goal of finishing the series!

Books Included: So obviously, books 1-7 in the Harry Potter series. There are also some side books like The Tales of Beedle the Bard  and the textbooks, but we won’t make them a requirement for this challenge. That doesn’t mean you can’t read them on your own!

Why Should I Reread Harry Potter? Why Can’t I Just Watch The Movies?While the movies are fantastic, theres just so much that is left out. Sometimes it just doesn’t compare to the feelings that you get when reading the books. Many of us may have forgotten some of the smaller details and plot lines in the story, and thats the reason why this challenge was created. To relive those feelings, to remember what we may have forgotten years after the series has ended.

How To Sign Up: Honestly, the best way is to join the goodreads group. There you can discuss with others in the threads or post up links to your own reviews if you decided to write them. You are also welcome to post your thoughts on Nina’s and Samantha’s blogs. Really, which ever one you prefer and is most comfortable for you!
You’re also welcome to invite your friends to the goodreads group. Nina and Samantha will also act as moderators in the group, so any questions can be directed to us there as well.



You can grab this nifty badge for your own use here and below is the link for all Challenge related material!!

Harry Potter Re-Read July 2014 Challenge Archive!

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