We Are Worlds Apart.

We are worlds apart,

Living in a different dream,

Searching for that special other something.


We dance to lyrics unknown to us,

Unafraid of the eyes upon us,

We dance living forever in the moment.


We believe in yesterday,

And look towards the days forward,

With fingers crossed, and hope abound.


We sing to tunes from the star world,

Unafraid of the alien song that comes,

As though we have known it for all our lives.


We hope in silence,

Counting the seconds, wishing on the stars,

Believing like we have never believed before.


We read the words of foreignness,

Embracing in the exoticness,

Reciting poetry that we would not have before.


We know we are,

Somewhere safe in our fears,

Ready to face what comes right after.


We are worlds apart,

Dying with the same belief,

That we have lived as the ones before,

Facing our fears,

Overcoming obstacles,

Until we can say,

We are:

Satisfied, happy and,

Brimming with life.

In a Well of Darkness, I Fly.

I’m in an endless hole,

Deep dark in the darkness,

I’m terrified,

I’m terrified,

Unsure of the long days to come,



As the sun peaks over the opening,



Burning my sight,

And I wait,

For its hot touch,

Bright shining rays,

To touch me,

In this deep dark hole,

And it reaches towards me,

Its fingers creeping across the endless space,

Coming towards me,

Like a toddler beginning to walk,

Almost succeeding,

Almost touching…

Then fades,

Pulled back by its mother,

To walk in another direction,

Passing over my dark and endless pit of despair,

I find myself,

Living again,

In a hole growing endlessly deeper,

Dragging me down,

Eating me up,

One inch of skin at a time,

Until only my mind,

Is left sane and clear,

Hoping, waiting,

Endlessly despairing,

For the hands of the sun to reach,

Yet never reaching,

The space between us,

Endlessly growing,

Until I am no more,

Than a shadow of who I was,

A shell of someone who had too much hope,

And not enough power,

A shell waiting for that moment to shatter,

Into the dust,

From which a new bird can be born,

Glowing and bright,


Ready to spread the long-awaited wings,

To fly towards a future,

That comes from the pain and despair of the past,

To no longer live,

In that endless hole of hopeless,

But to fly towards the future with the wings,

Of the hope from the well of the past,

From thyself, and from the soul,

Of my own expectations,

I reach out, and touch,

Those tendrils of light,

Mingle with my own,

And together I fly.

The Rainmaker.

The rainmaker is a man,

Dressed in robes and mystic clothes.

He casts his hands up into the sky,

And calls upon the storms and tides,

Drawing them with his standing presence,




The rainmaker is a woman,

Dressed in simple clothes,

And bare feet,

Covered in mud,

From dancing under the open sky,

Singing the songs of love, hope,

And all things nature,

She is wild,


Like heaven on earth.

The rainmaker is a child,

Dressed in winter clothes,

Wrapped in the warmth of the snow,

Pale as the sunless child,

Looking out the window,

Making silent wishes,

Of a life unknown,




The rainmaker is the one,

Dressed as they like,





Hoping for a day of rain.

Quote #72

John Lennon



From John Lennon

“I believe in everything until it’s disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it’s in your mind. Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares aren’t as real as the here and now?”

The Dark Days.


I hate the nights,

That are lonely.

I hate the light,

That pours through my curtain.

It dazzles me,

Sparkling and beautiful,

I don’t deserve it,

I almost don’t want it.

But it holds me,

Embraces me,

Slices my heart to pieces,

Tearing for that one bit,

Where I hide my darkest thoughts.

“Wake up,”

A voice whispers,




In my head?

I wake,

My lips are dry,

My throat is parched.

I can’t breathe.

The air is not there,

Not in there,

Not anywhere.

Where am I?

I wake.

There’s water around me.



Creating a space,

Where I can’t breathe.

I wake,

I’m crying.

My hands are clawing

For a person I don’t know.

Save me!

“Wake up.”

My heart pounds just a bit,

The light is receding.


It doesn’t burn anymore.

“Wake up”

I hear.

It’s just a voice,




I wake again.

My head is clear.

My eyes aren’t flimy,

Aren’t blurry,

Aren’t afraid.

They’re open,

To the bright light,

To the world,

To the eyes of the guy,

Looking right at me.

It’s a straight, defiant


He saved me,

From the darkness

I was sinking in.

Somehow I’m not scared anymore.

Somehow, I passed through the darkness.

“How are you feeling?”

He said.

And I look at him,

He seems so normal

In this room.

It’s like his face doesn’t match his voice.


“Better?  That’s an improvement”

“An Improvement?”

He nods, makes a mark on his board.


I see the sign on the wall,

It’s a scribble in my writing.

I know,

I remember now.

I’d called that feeling of sinking,

The dark days.

Because We Are Unique.


I think,


Makes us special.

It means we are unique,

With different colour eyes,

And different colour hair,

Different lips shapes,

Different ears.

If we were all the same,

It would be boring,

Don’t you think?

I think,

It is better,

To love thyself,

For who we are,

And not who we can pretend to be.


There’s nothing wrong,

With pretending at all.

It’s fine to dress like everyone else,

Act like everyone,

Be one of the crowd.

It’s fine if you want to fit in,

To not be alone,

Because it’s painful,


To be unique.

But still,

I think,

We are each,

One of our own,

Separate from the other,

Focussed on ourselves.

Cherish our difference,

Believe in difference,

Because we are,


I think,

In time,

We realise that,

There’s no point being like everyone else.

When we fall in love,

And are told that we are beautiful,

We begin to cherish,

The good points that we have.

A person might be petite,

Might be tall,

Might have big eyes,

Might have small.

They might not dress flashily,

Or wear makeup,

But they smile all the time,

And are happy in general.

Does that mean that they’re unsatisfied,

With the way they look?

I think,

We are all unique.

We might care what others think,

About the way we look,

But really,

You should only care,

About how you feel.

Revel in your difference,

Accept who you are,

And dress as you will,






And it’s beautiful.