The Love Triangle?


Why can’t you leave me alone?

Why can’t you see that I’m already in love?

Are you trying to hurt me?

Is this a good excuse?

That your feelings are more important than mine?

That I should accept yours even though I love someone else so much more?

Does it matter if the one I love is a little aloof, a little shy, a little reserved?

Does it matter so much that you have to say that you’re the better man?

How would you know?

How do you know that my love is the right one?

Because he loves me.

He cherishes me.

He lets me know every night how much he loves me.

And it’s not just touching.

It’s words.

It’s little things.

It’s knowing that I hate this and I hate that.

It’s knowing what I love the most and what I want the most.

It’s knowing that he doesn’t criticise me for who I am.

I feel loved.

It’s not just lust.

So back off!

I listened to your feelings and I told you I don’t return them.

I’m sorry to hurt you.

I’m sorry that I might be harsh.

I’m sorry that you have these feelings for me.

But I’ll tell you.

Fall in love again.

There’s someone out there even better than me.

Leave me to my own hopeless love.

Because I’m happy the way I am.

Because I’m not complaining.

Because I will never love anyone else the way I love him.

Don’t waste your life chasing a girl who will never love you back.

Don’t waste time.

I won’t tell you to forget me.

I won’t tell you that you have chance.

Because you have no chance.

I love him.


[I wrote this in a fit.  Since I’ve been reading so much shoujo manga lately, I keep seeing a familiar, recurring plot line, just like a lot of YA.  Though the style is similar – two boys, one girl or vice versa, the approach is different.  In Manga, there’s more material and more action that the reader is privvy too, that’s because manga gives it the space to.  But in YA, you really just see the interaction of the protagonist and the two love interests.  There is some development (but in my opinion, there really isn’t many instances where each has an equal chance)  I really don’t mind a good love triangle.  But still I still get frustrated when the female protagonist is too idle or too stupid to realise the other person’s intentions.  Also, the “him” can be interchanged with “her” for a male perspective (but only if it sounds like a manly voice :P)]


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