I Came Across The Sea.

I came across the sea with nothing in my mind,

Except that I would find you.

I didn’t know how,

I didn’t know where,

All I knew you were here,

Where the world was prospering,

And the gold was flowing.

Why didn’t you tell me to come?

Why didn’t you come home?

Why were your letters,


And briefer,

With each passing letter?

Do I know?

I think I know.

I think deep down,

I already felt,

The breaking,



Tie that bound us together.

I think,

I knew,

The day and month,

When I had not received a word,

Or a telegram,

A passing desire,

Or that you’re longing for me,

That you didn’t love me anymore.

I guess you shouldn’t have gone,

I guess I should have come,

Rather than stay in my comfort zone,

Knowing that we were in love,

Knowing that your heart was still mine,

And mine alone.

But it was never mine,

Was it?

I was just someone you married,

For the sake of convenience,

And I can’t even complain,

When you’re with another woman,

That you should love me,

And not her,

Because we both knew,

This is how it was.

And this,

Is how I found you,

Because you are striking,

In that kind of way.

You may have loved me once,

Or thought I was okay,

But now you don’t


Or feel

What you should


If you did feel

One ounce of guilt,

It barely showed

On your face,

To you,

I was just a convenience,

Who shouldn’t have been there at all.

Yet, I opened your door,

At the discretion of the man,

Who’d led me there,

Out of pity,

Most likely.

Out of lust,


Because I know,

I am not hideous to look at,

Nor is my figure not undesirable,

It is just you who can’t look at me,

And love me more than lust.

You let that man guide me,

Right to the door,

Of your betrayal.

I hope you have a good life,

In the arms of that scandalous woman,

When I divorce you,

And take what’s mine,

I hope you have a good life,

Because it’s your name,

That’s ruined now.

Not mine.

I would never be so stupid,

Knowing this would be how it turned out.


I wish,

I had not come across the see,

In search of a man,

Who was supposed to be my husband,

Searching for a fortune,

To add to what we had.

I wish,

I had been stronger,

To marry someone I loved,

And not someone for convenience.



2 thoughts on “I Came Across The Sea.

  1. Deep, touching…even a heart that hasn’t gone through such pain will relate with this. Love shouldn’t be for convenience–this is a true saying. It’s just that sometimes we are blinded by other temporal forces like lust and power before the truth hits us.

    • That’s very true, but it’s reality, and sometimes reality strikes first. But that’s what we have stories for haha, to tell us what we shouldn’t do !

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