Modern Day Juliet.

It was never meant to be,

The two of us,


Living in harmony.

I’m a Lady,

And you’re little better than a servant.

But somehow,

With the passing seasons,

The time you spent at my side,

Watching me carefully,

Making sure I didn’t fall.



Fell in love with you.

It was never meant to be,

The way we were together,

Sharing light kisses,

Bordering on passion,

And love,

I tried to hide it,

To save myself,

And to save you.

I treated you like a toy,

Toyed with you,

Kissed you,

Embraced you.

I wanted you too much,

I should have let it go.

But it’s not suppose to happen in this era,

Not in this life,

When people call themselves modern.

It should have been fine,

But it wasn’t.  somehow,

Some way along,

We became,

A modern day love story,

A tragedy,

Not unlike,

Juliet and her Romeo.

2 thoughts on “Modern Day Juliet.

  1. Fine poem.Any love story doesn’t end with exchanging vows is a tragedy .in your poem some thing is missing.Regards.jalal

    • Thank you for your honest comment. I had the same feeling but I couldn’t place it. I guess you could say I’m working on improving it. Thank you again for commenting.

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