I Want You.

I want you,

To strip off your clothes,

Push me down,

And do things,

I can’t say out loud.

I want you,

To hold my hand,

Kiss my lips,

Hide me from prying eyes,

And kiss me hard.

I want you,

To take my waist,

To turn me round,

To press against me,

And whisper a secret.

I want you,

To touch me,

Take me out on a date,

And say nothing,

Except what you always say.

I want you,

To dress nicely,

Dress wisely,

And walk boldly,

Looking absolutely delicious.

I want you,

To be played,

By me only,

Waiting every time,

Longing always for my kiss.

I want you,

To wait for me,

Even though I seem

Just a bit fickle

Not really quite sure.

I want you,

Just as you want me,

So don’t turn your head,

When I say,

Just wait.

I want you,

But I’m not quite ready,

That doesn’t mean never though,

Because, It’s true,

I want you too.

So you’ll have me,

And I’ll have you,

Just like you want,

Because we are,

Would you believe?

We are just the same.


6 thoughts on “I Want You.

  1. I think my favorite line was “and say nothing except what you always say”. This sounds like lust but feels like love! I didn’t guess it would end with wait for me. Very intriguing.

    • Hahaha well thank you! 🙂 Well I always did intend it to end with wait for me, but I never knew how I’d get there…that line was a surprise to me too (I considered pulling out but…), I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 Thank you for your honest comment!

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