Brighter Than The Sun.

She shone brighter than the sun,

A silhouette, black,

Against a halo of white,

Blindingly bright light.

I looked for her,

Within a sea of wandering feet,

But her trailing,

Long, beautiful silky hair,

Is the only memory left in her wake,

Teasing those who watched her leave.

She was unbreakable,

A diamond jewel,

Rough, uncarved,


She is the most desirable,

Unattainable to the lust,

And burn of first sight attraction,

Of instantaneous infatuation,

And promises of ‘I love you forever’.

Dancing in the light of this lust,

She is the gold of the eyes of dawn,

Pure and innocent,

Beauty and precious,

Only the kind and gentle,

Retribution granted and those who have pledged,

Their utmost honesty,

A fate unknown,

To the ones they cherish,

Until they die.

She was too kind,

She bled like ink on prime parchment paper,

Seeping from her gentle body,

Into the carpet,

Spreading like poison

And wildfire.

She was brighter than the sun,

With a love

That exceeded all others,

Blooming bright,

Flowering forever,

Until the end of time.

She is a spectre,

Of the next,

Too kind,

Too genuine,

Too beautiful,

Brighter than the sun girl.

I watch her fade away,

Watching over the next girl,

Sharing her love,

So far from me,

I can’t catch her beauty,

Because she’s brighter than the sun,

Uncatchable by my human hands.


Wings of Eternity.

Share with me the wings of eternity,

Swarming with darkness,

Embraced in light.

Share with me the glory of the win,

Blazing bright,

Heartlessly cold.

Share with me the spirit of tomorrow,

Swimming with hope,

Edged with fear.

Share with me the want of the night,

Dripping with lust,

Filled with love.

Share with the end of the end,

Walking up that stairway,

Drawn back by fire.

Share with me the scales of life,

Loving until I die,

Hating with a passion.

Share with me the wings of eternity,

Swimming with malice,

Embraced in kindness.



Is what I ask,

With my head bowed low,

I feel the weight of what I am asking,

Laid before your feet,

Waiting for only my release.