Random Music Moment #155

Today I did not plan to post until later.  But I realised something.  I haven’t posted a random music moment in a while!  It seems my head has been filled with THESIS is EVERYTHING and TEACHING is TIME CONSUMING conceptual metaphors and all their variations.  I’m also still writing, working on my writing project, and it’s getting there.  Everything is getting there, but not yet, and it’s taking over my mind each part claiming and warring between each other for attention.
So I was a little bit surprised when this morning – even though I was in a rush, it seems these days being in a rush is the norm and having plenty of time a desired norm, is this normal to being an adult? (Puzzles the girl who has just started really appreciating her newly found lifestyle of study, work, and something she calls ‘leisure time’ which is just more work but fun work!) – I stopped and looked outside and felt the tinkle and rhythm of a tune in my head.  It’s been so long since I could put a song to a scene or moment, I just felt somewhat calm.  Somewhat relieved and relaxed by this moment.  Odd.  Yet not so odd, the sky was whitewashed with clouds with patches of blue, but that feeling was there – the feeling and premonition knowledge that today is going to be a good, warm, sunny day.   Today, it’s going to be a beautiful day.
Have you guessed it yet?
Haha, correct!
Today’s random music moment is Beautiful Day by U2.

P.s. I’m writing this on my phone, so I’m not sure how the format will come out!


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