Quarterly Book Club Updates!

Quarterly Reads 3


Hi all!  It’s about time there’s a Quarterly Book Club update on my blog somewhere about what’s been happening on QBC.  It’s alot that’s for sure!  This month has so far been spent updating and rolling out new things!

What Sam and I have done:

  • Updated the groups, making the discussions one folder (as the polls indicated)
  • Are currently in the works with a new site so that those book lovers who aren’t on goodreads, but want to join us, can join in as well!
  • AND we have finally finished rolling out the new Yearly Challenges.  The old ones are still in place, but we also have new ones!  All of which will give participants the chance to either experience something different, something new, or revisit something old. Here they are!

Yearly Challenges!


Headless Challenge

Series Reread Challenge

Novellas Challenge

Seasons Challenge

Song Challenge

Published in 2015 Challenge

Series Challenge

Broship Challenge

Diversity Challenge

Star Wars Challenge


Sam, over at A History of Books and I, are very excited about all these new challenges.  In particular, somewhat very excited about the Star Wars challenge!  I know I am!  Still on my The Force Awakens high, I was even making comparisons with the Lunar Chronicles! We are also excited to try again the challenges from last year we may or may not have done so well!  But the new challenges this time round, are a diverse collection that will give participants, we hope, a variety!  From trying something new, to finally getting round to those series that you meant to read, to rereading old favourites!   Click on the links for more info!  Feel free to join us too!  Take part in these challenges that Sam and I are hosting for the Quarterly Book Club, and tell us how you go too!

The Quarterly Book Club is designed for the busy reader, with Quarterly reading challenges as well as Yearly challenges for flexibility. It’s also a place for personal reading challenges, book discussions, and essentially sharing your book tastes with others of similar tastes. Although we mainly focus on YA novels, that does not mean that we don’t read Adult or Middle Grade novels.
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Brought to you and hosted by Sam @ A History of Books and Nina @Words that Flow Like Water
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Hopefully we’ll see you there 🙂 Sam and I will be posting the challenges that we do over on the group here on wordpress and post any book related posts in our group.  We Hope You Can Join Us!!!  We really would love to see you there!
























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