New Years Resolutions

After thinking about it for a few days, I have decided on my New Years Resolutions.  When I think about last year, I know how disastrous some parts of it were.  And then there were the parts that I want to improve on, to go further with.  So, this post is going to list both my personal new years resolutions for the year (which include my writing goals), and my bookish resolutions!

Personal Resolutions

  • Submit some publications.  To be more specific to myself, have ONE confirm/acceptance.
  • Exercise.  Oh yes.  Of all the cliched new years resolutions I could give myself, I give myself this one!  But well, it’s not like I intend to set a particular exercise regime for myself, rather, I intend and want to just move my body more.
  • Write!  Write more, and complete more.  I’m definitely going to finish the writing project I’ve been working on and definitely not putting it on hiatus like I did with the Curse Mark last year.  It’s not like I’ve needed to push myself to finish a project like this before, but rather, it’s something recent.  At this age, fresh out of uni with a degree and then diving right back in again for postgrad, I find myself needing to balance out my life again.



Bookish Resolutions

(And for the fun stuff!)

  • Classics.  Oh yes, I’m definitely trying this one again this year.  I will DEFINITELY read three classics this year.
  • Finish all the books I bought.  And try and not splurge too much this year on new books since I can’t afford it right now.
  • Finish my challenges for QBC!  I do think I’ll take up less yearly challenges this year, but I also do want to finish them all.  I know for one that I struggled a bit with the A-Z challenge (why are some letters just so hard??) and definitely with the months challenge! (which, Sam and I have agreed and already simplified!)
  • Read books I would never read (at least 3!)


I don’t know how I’ll go with these resolutions, but I seemed to have done alright last year!

What are your new years resolutions?



4 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions

  1. Awesome resolutions! You know I’m always there to cheer you on or a shoulder to lean on! Well, a digital one. My resolution was to finally take the grad school extrance exam, and I just got into a class for it! So woo hooo my resolutions are on the way!

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