Mortal Heart. Robin Lafevers.

20522640Mortal Heart
by Robin LaFevers

My rating: 4.5 stars

Finally finished this!! Wanted to finish earlier but didn’t have much time! (Back on Dec 6th 2015)

Buddy Read with Samantha for the Quarterly Book Club.

Initial thoughts for the night I finished it 

Really enjoyed it though I still love Dark Triumph the best. This one was almost more supernatural/paranormal than the others. There was a lot more unravelling of myths and true stories. There wasn’t much I didn’t like, but it lost half a star for being more paranormal/supernatural than I was hoping for and there was a lot of running around when Annith was supposed to be going somewhere but didn’t get there for ages. This was mostly because each step was a little bit more mystery about the gods, another piece of their stories. But I wasn’t disappointed at all, Annith turned out to be a tougher goody two shoes than she had been previously portrayed. I thought I wouldn’t like her, but actually, loved her!

More thorough review later!

M Y   R E C O M M E N D A T I O N

What I loved

— Annith and Balthazaar. I loved them together, and I loved them as individual characters. I don’t know if I would say that LaFevers has upped her game come the romance to this trilogy, but I did really fly through the whole book, half waiting for these two to really give in to each other. Although I did really enjoy reading their story, if I didn’t love it so much, didn’t fly through this book so quickly, didn’t appreciate how easily it read, I might have picked on a number of things related to their relationship. I mean Annith, for such a saintly girl did make the jump on Balthazaar a lot quicker than I expected. But I guess that’s part of why I liked Annith. She was bold and daring, and not half as saintly as Ismae and Sybella portrayed her in the previous books. At the same time though, she was very devoted to Mortmain. Her love for him was very bright.

Balthazaar as a love interest was great. I loved him. He has some great scenes hehe. I.e.

“Have you ever seen Mortmain?”
His scowl deepens, and I cannot help but wonder what fault he finds with this question. “Yes. I have seen Him, but He is the god of Death, not some knight to be swooned over.”

I thought he was the perfect love interest for Annith, even though I don’t overly love the other aspect of him. He’s your dark, broody, handsome, but dangerous kind of love interest. And while usually these guys are swoony and unrealistic, with Balthazaar, he was more human and real than I expected (though what I expected, I don’t even know!)

— The mythology. I do love what LaFevers does here with the Gods. It was interesting, and fun to read. I liked the narration and unravelling of the myth surrounding the gods depicted in this book. I liked it. Then again, I’ve always loved stories where a major part of the narration is the story of a legend, or a myth, which, as the novel goes on, is retold a number of times until the ‘true’ story is revealed. Do you know how much I love that kind of plot device? A LOT.

We also get to see more of the other convents/worshippers in this book than the other books.

— Quick read. Despite the size of this book, it was DEFINITELY a quick read. I flew through it. Loved the writing style enough that it practically screamed at me to read on until my eyes bleed with exhaustion. Unfortunately I had to read this in installments because I was busy. But man, I wanted to gobble it up.

— Learning about Annith’s connection to Arduinna was actually not that unpleasant to me. I think I was expecting it once I got used to the other elements of this novel. Learning her history in the convent and more about the Abbess was fascinating too.

The Not So Great Parts, but of course By No Means Hinders The Enjoyability (probably)

— Supernaturality and paranormality. This book was A LOT more supernatural than the other book. The introduction of the hellequin, at first, I thought were not supernatural because well, the previous installments were minimal on the supernatural aspects, but actually, they were pretty supernatural. Not to mention a lot of other godly intervention taking place. It wasn’t so bad, but if it wasn’t because I really enjoyed Dark Triumph and was definitely flying through Mortal Heart, I might have disliked it more. The thing is, Mortal Heart is the odd one out in the trilogy being more supernatural. Whereas Grave Mercy and Dark Triumph had minimal elements of supernaturality in terms of the gifts that the daughter of Mortmain received, Mortal Heart exceeds that by miles. And since I wasn’t expecting it, I was a bit surprised!

— Less Politics and History. Related to the previous point. Annith’s personal story is a bit more stronger than the political historical plot.

— The Ending. The ending fell a little flat for me (hence the lost of one star), even if I still really enjoyed the book. It fell flat because of the way LaFevers decided to deal with the Duchesses fate. I know I definitely wasn’t a fan of that ending. I felt like it was a bit of a cop out even though it was written excitingly, it just felt like LaFevers wanted a method that would work with the real history? (Yes I did go and wiki this a little lol.) I’ll give LaFevers points for being creative, but I was just not a fan of it. Now, the other part of the ending, related to the Abbess, I liked that! I thought that was fun and satisfying to read!


I probably have a lot more to say but I can’t think of it right now! I do know though that I want to read it again. And again, just for the fun of it, and seeing Annith and Balthazaar get together. But I would read Dark Triumph for the intensity of the plot on all fronts. I would suggest this as a great book with strong female characters, historical fiction fans, and a quick read!


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