Random Music Moment #152

Whoa….They changed the style of wordpress again since the last time I was on here.  Ugh.  Again, I am so sorry for disappearing.  I have been at uni, working on my thesis (WHICH btw is going at a snail’s pace, I’m working on my intro–not the best place to start, but a place–and I’m only up 500 words of well, I won’t lie, but rubbish.  I’m not happy with it, but at least I’m trying.  If I can write something than the second draft will be clearer), working on my writing project for the Nanowrimo (really wanted to write this, but also involves so much research), and trying my best to keep up reading (I really want to read right now, and I’m making the best use of this desire as much as possible!)

However, I am here, for now!  You know, I hope, that I would never abandon my readers. I’ve never liked the idea of starting something and then not finishing.  My blog is here to stay and unless I plan to close up shop, I’ll be here.

And now down to business!

Today’s random music moment is actually a song I’d heard a while back.  I meant to blog about it earlier but of course, since I had no time, I didn’t.  However, I do really like this artist. Not only is she Australian, she’s really young, and I think, if she works really hard, she can be the next Jessica Mauboy.  I hope so, she has a nice quality to her voice!  Plus I like her newest single.  I think this kind of style really suits her.  (But really, my favourite performance from her was last year when she performed Titanium.)

Forever Young by Marlisa.


And her performance of Titanium last year:



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