Sleep. Thesis Diaries part 5?

Sorry again for disappearing!! I will never stop being endlessly sorry because I like posting at least once a day, but the last week or so, I’ve just been too busy!  And tired not to mention….for a variety of reasons.  And then, also, a little lazy, in a need of a little indulgence.  Today’s post will definitely be short! (since I have a headache!)

A good piece of advice for those studying postgrad (and one I have often failed to take under my wing, the sole reason predominantly being:  I can’t help myself, but I do try every now and the.) is:  Get Plenty Of Sleep.  It always sucks not being able to focus from lack of sleep; sucks feeling distracted by the blurring eyesight because you spent the night staying up to mid morning reading a book because the book was soooooo good you just couldn’t stop; sucks because you know the consequences but you do it anyway.

Like me.  I stayed up to 2am this morning finishing off Code Name: Verity  by Elizabeth Wein.  It’s one of the Your Choice books for the Quarterly Book Club, and it’s also a book I became really absorbed in.  And so I stayed up.  This time planned (recently I stayed up unplanned, reading Dark Triumph another Your Choice Read for the Quarterly Book Club).  I knew the consequences and had intended to sleep really well and sleep in, but I ended up waking up early and not being able to get back to sleep again….and just now tried to use the Art of Common Talk as a pillow instead of studying it.

So, fellow researchers, postgrads, and people in general who love reading and can’t help it–get some decent nights rest, you’ll feel better in the morning.  Which.  Is definitely advice I plan to take and make use of this weekend :).  It’ll be hard to concentrate on the tasks at hand otherwise!  And it’s been so long since I stayed up to read a good book, I decided to indulge….I think I indulged a little too much though because now I have a headache and feel hungover without the alcohol part…..

Oh!  I want to make a note here, a personal goal, Next Month, I shall start writing my thesis.  It’ll be the worst draft ever.  But I shall start.  Because it’s better to start early, hate it, get over it, and do something decent before the end of my first year mark.


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