Random Music Moment #151

I think it’s obvious why I chose this song today—it’s been stuck in my head!  It’s only stuck there because it’s on a cancer council ad calling for a girls night out to help raise money for the cause; a very admirable cause indeed.  I love the light feeling of the lyrics–I like the happy images that come into my head.  I’ve always been one to believe in being friends forever regardless of the highs or lows, or when we see each other.

And as we all know I know nothing about the technicalities of music, but, well, I just really love how the tone (?) seems to rise as the song goes on, so becomes more and more powerful, and well, for me, the feelings just really swell up and I kind of wish I played this song on my graduation day a few months back!

Today’s random music moment is:  Graduation Song by Vitamin C


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