Random Music Moment #150

Today’s random music moment is from one of my favourite Australian Artists!  Even though I don’t regularly listen to her, I remember the year she came runner up in Australian Idol, and over the years, I can’t help but say ‘she’s doing astonishingly well for herself’.  In many ways she inspires me, not to be a singer of course (because who  knows how terrible my singing has gotten since I stopped doing school choir back in primary school), but to build my own career and to chase my dreams.  The hardest thing is chasing dreams, but watching her journey from that small Alice Springs girl auditioning for Australian Idol to seeing her at Eurovision and on X-Factor, just a super Australian Star, it’s VERY inspiring.  I love her just for that, and therefore, today’s random music moment is This Ain’t Love by Jessica Mauboy.  It’s a pretty catchy song, and I love how she sings the chorus.  I kept hearing it on tv for ages, but it wasn’t until she performed as a guest star on x-factor did I realise it was a Jessica Mauboy song!!! (It’s also the theme song for the Quantico drama promo down here.)

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