Random Music Moment #149

I’m so sorry for disappearing again!!  This week has been hectic, and until the Friday coming, I will be awol again!  That’s the first reason for my lack of post in the last few days.  My other reason is that I’ve been wanting so badly to blog about this particular song from a particular tv ad, which admittedly, when I first saw the ad, I did not make a note of what it was advertising, hence why I had to wait until I caught the ad again in order to know what to look up!  But lucky me!  Today I happen to catch it right on time.  And I never expected it to be a Subway ad…still, the song caught my attention, and I like the upbeat, proactive, sunny kind of feeling I get from the song!  (Unfortunately, it won’t be getting me to buy subway anytime soon, but I sure don’t mind listening to the song again.)

Today’s Random Music Moment is It’s a Beautiful Day by Tim Morrison–Enjoy!

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