Random Music Moment #148

Fem power!  Today’s Random Music Moment is all about the females!  Actually I had this song bookmarked and saved to my Youtube playlist–Things to Blog About–for a long time, and I’ve never really got around to blogging about it.  I remember the first time I encountered this song.  I was bored, sitting in front of the tv, pretty much just working on my laptop, while sort of paying attention to the tv.  And you know how you’re not really paying attention, yet because you’re the only one in the room, therefore you are the one in control of the tv so you have it on anyway because these days sitting in silence is like the most unforgivable thing to do in the world?  Well yeah, that was my night was like, and since I didn’t want to sit in silence with only the sound of keys tapping away breaking the silence every once in a while, I had the tv on.  The sound was on low, so as not to overwhelm me, and like most nights, there was nothing interesting on tv so I left it on Britain’s Got Talent (I do believe that’s what I had it on lol).  I figured, why not?  There’s probably an interesting act to distract me, maybe an act performing a favourite song of mine, or something to laugh at.

It was also the grand final episode too, and you know how they have those interval performances?  Well Little Mix happened to be one of those acts.  And they were performing Salute, which totally captivated me.  I mean I always love a good, strong song about girl power.  And this song is definitely one of those!  Granted, I’m not a huge Little Mix fan, not because I don’t think they’re great or anything, but I’m more of an alternative rock person (as well as someone who loves instrumental/soundtrack/composition music) so that’s why.  But then again, it’s not as though I don’t end up loving random songs that pop into my head/catch my attention for whatever reason!

Therefore, below is today’s random music moment:  Salute by Little Mix.

2 thoughts on “Random Music Moment #148

  1. I’m still here! Accidentally hit the unfollow button a second, but I caught it! I’m back already, oops! Great post, too! They are like a classier version of Dannity Kane, I’m not sure if that is a back handed compliment or diss. 🙂

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