Age is no reason

To say ‘life sucks’.

Age is no reason

To say ‘it’s too late’.

Age is a dream

That so many want.

Age is a line

That needs is constantly out of reach.

Age is tomorrow

And tomorrow,

And tomorrow.

Age is defined

By experience.

Age is an opening

For the future.

Age is not just

The lines on your face

The smoothness of your skin

The coarseness of your hands.

Age is a glass

Half empty

Half full


Waiting to be filled,

With the liquid of life.

Age is no reason

To say ‘life sucks’.

Age is no reason

To say ‘it’s too late’.

Age is undefined

By lines

By shadows

By experience.

Age is the gift of life,

Keep dreaming,

Keep living.

[N.B] I was inspired to write this because I just so happened to be watching The Internship again with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.   Even time I watch that movie, I get this warm happy feeling in me, and I feel uplifted.  Happy.  My favourite part of the movie is the fact that despite age, the two main characters work hard in the face of what seems like the impossible in the current employment climate to get out of the blender.  I also like how they give hope to the young people, and teach them to dream.   Being relatively young myself and finding myself in a similar position to those kids in the movie–a literal fear of being unemployed, of not being able to get a job when you finish undergrad–I really relate to this movie, and I really love how in many ways, it tells you to dream, to try, to give it your all.  I’m always dreaming, and of course, still being realistic.  I believe, if you have a dream, you work at it, because along the way, all those other worries you have–not having a job, of being independent, they’ll solve themselves along the way if you stay true to yourself, to who you want to be, and not stray from that path.  Of course I’m being a hopeless optimist here, and maybe in a few years life might make me more cynical, but I hope, so long as I’m doing what I love, and that I still love it in the future, I will still be a dreamer.  And I should that those who have the experience and age, don’t stop dreaming.  Because even though life seems like it’s long gone, it doesn’t mean you can’t fulfil a long desired dream!  I know of someone who is finally going to fulfil her life’s wish even though she’s mature and constantly thinking ‘I’m too old now’.

I hope out there, whatever your age, I hope you guys are still dreaming too.  


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