Inspiration & New Things

So just the other day I was quite bored and tired of the picture I have on my phone’s lockscreen–not because I don’t love that picture, but rather, because I’ve used that one for so long and it was time for a change.  Here is what it used to be:

Although I still like my picture (granted there are so many aspects which I could have done better such as the hands etc, but you can see my gripe and self criticise if you click through the link), I needed the change, and it was while I was fiddling around on photoshop with my new decided design, did I do something I didn’t intend to do.  So here is the drawing I was going to use next (I still haven’t fully completed the series, but originally this pic was drawn for the Snake of my future Chinese zodiac series)–

Luna Zodiac001 copy

And though I did start working on my Chinese zodiac series, like a number of other things in my life, it’s currently on hold for the moment.  However, since I wanted to use a recent drawing of my as my lockscreen image, there were only so many I’ve drawn within the last twelve months that were already scanned into my computer (I haven’t been drawing all that much, and I have many half finished sketches waiting for some attention!) So I picked this one, and fiddled around in Photoshop, eventually coming up with this–

Brushes used are from deviantART: Scattering Roses, Starwalt Design Brushes, and Euphoria brushes

Which I’m pretty in love with, and pretty satisfied with how it looks on my lock screen!  I hadn’t planned to go with pastel colours (actually the above was the final image.  Prior to I had one more finalised version which was paler, but because it was a bit hard to see, since the lockscreen is kind of darkened, the above became the finalised version), but it seems pastel is becoming a thing for me this year.

But that wasn’t the Inspirational New Thing I did!  Oh no, it was this other part.  You see, I didn’t expect for it happen, yet when I was messing around with the colour balance for the background colour scheme, I saw myself making a gif–you know how you get those sudden bursts of inspiration, just because suddenly something you’re doing unlocks something in you mind?  Well that’s what happened to me and look what I did–

Snake Gif

I made a gif!  Comprised of the various times colour balance edits I made when I was playing around with the colour balance.  I don’t know why I’m so proud of this, but I guess it’s because I don’t make/have never made a gif properly before.  So I was ecstatically happy and amused with myself, and therefore pat  myself on the back for being inspired and trying something new.

5 thoughts on “Inspiration & New Things

  1. Ohmigosh that is GORGEOUS. And your graphic designing skills are great too, I feel like making gifs now lol. The whole theme and background is wonderful! It’s lovely ❤

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