End of Days. Susan Ee.


End of Days
by Susan Ee

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Angelfall will always be my favourite book of all three, but for every installment, I haven’t ever had the urge to put this down. One of my favourite series of the year, End of Days ends with a bang. This is definitely a post apocalyptic book with hope a tthe end of a book!

Loved all the characters!

More review later!

** Update **

It’s been a while since I read End of Days, but when I finished the book and realised it was finally over, my heart was just loonnnnnnggggiiinnngggg for more. There aren’t many books I’ve read this year that left me feeling like that.

What I adored

[1] Penryn and Raffe. I will always adore this pair. They have a romance, it gets hot and kind of steamy, and even though all these events seem to happen over a short period of time, how they developed did not seem ‘instant’. But I guess what I liked most about this pairing is that their romance wasn’t the focus of the whole story. The action is. The way it ended though, that was perfect.

[2] Penryn. Penryn is such a strong character. I love the way she focusses on her goal and aims to accomplish it. She has plenty of faults too, but mostly, I like that she stays true to herself. I also really adore that her head doesn’t go all pear shaped when a guy is involved. Sure she thinks about allowing herself to feel things for Raffe, but she doesn’t let it get to her head.

[3] Raffe! Gawd I love him. I don’t usually like guys like this, placed in the story in this manner. But usually I don’t like them because in other stories, the guy is the one that turns into a brainless, possessive, ball of mush. Raffe is a bit like that too, but he actually retains a brain. And the fact that Penryn doesn’t pull any stupid shit, no silly sacrifices made for silly reasons to make the hero chase after her. So I’m glad Raffe never had to do anything stupid. And instead, it felt more affecting, their little romance, and why I loved it a whole lot more. As a character, I liked him. He was stoic, but a nice guy. He has a goal to accomplish, and while he has feelings for Penryn, he also doesn’t want to give her hope. Yet at the same time, he doesn’t want to hurt her, so he tells her beforehand the way it’s going to go.

[4] This book is definitely post-apocalyptic science fiction and definitely not dystopia. So that was a nice change. The end of this conclusion had me feeling good. In dystopia, you get the feeling that nothing has really changed in the world, that the characters go from one hell to another, even though for a moment, it seems like it’s better. At the end of End of Days though, there’s that feeling that things are going to be better, that the world is going to rebuild itself, specially with the angels going back home and leaving the earth.

[5] The secondary characters. Oh my god, they are just fabulous. By fabulous, I mean not a single one of them were casually included. Everyone had a purpose and being. And one of my favourites of all those characters is is Belial.

[6] Rarely, rarely do I see in a YA novel, a villain character giving some justice. Belial for so long in the series, I thought he was just going to be one of those guys who did bad things for no reason except to be evil. Belial is not like that. And I wonder if perhaps he would get a backstory, particularly since he had such a big grudge against Raffe in books one and two. And oh yessss my desire was fulfilled and in the middle of End of Days, I nearly squealed with love for Belial’s backstory. It made so much sense, and believe me, it was one of the best parts of the book.

What I disliked

[1] I do find that the part where Penryn took over Obi’s position was kind of lame and contrived. I mean I did see it coming. At the same time,it’s not as over done as other similar scenes in other books. I also dislike how things ended for Obi, but I think the fault there is because we don’t see enough of Obi to really know the real him. Not like what we do with Belial.


I did really enjoy this. Was sad that it ended. Totally wanted more lol.

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