Random Music Moment #146

So just the other day I had issues with what kind of song I would blog about for the RMM.  Lately, I haven’t really been inspired by music lately, and it’s no wonder, since everything feels very similar lately, and also, my usual perkiness has been in the dips for one reason or another!  (One of which is the fact that I’ve started postgrad, and the stress of starting a new, different level of learning is getting to me, just like with various other things that are new.  I can’t help it, it’s just who I am.  Though strangely,  I have been worrying so much about a variety of things lately, that I’m losing myself of the rubble of worry that I’m beginning to despise.)  But yesterday, I was having a nice lazy evening in front of the couch, not in the mood much, and my eyes were drooping–I don’t know my limits, but with the recent change in my sleeping schedule, my body is being rebellious and uncooperative haha!–I decided to amuse myself with a variety of fun but sort of rather farfetched quizzes (now I’ve forgotten which site it was, but usually these Quizzes are like ‘which movie is based on your life?’ ‘We can guess your age in 5 questions’ and if those of you have followed my twitter feed, you’ll have seen me tweet about a couple of quiz results.

The first one was about the brain, whether it’s more male than female, etc (turns out my brain is 75% male and only 25% female if I were to really believe it.  Which I partly do, since I’ve noticed that I find typical ‘female’ (if I were to stereotype it) behaviour as really annoying and pointless.  In saying that, I also find myself doing the same things every now and then.  No surprise, I am female after all!  The Quiz about what kind of weather my anger is like, seemed pretty accurate.  I do feel like my anger is like lightning and thunder.  When I get angry, I do yell, I also spark and say things I don’t entirely want to say aloud, generally provocative, and I cry.  Sometimes.  A couple of people I know have anger that’s like a silent storm–quiet, yet raging internally, or like a volcano, simmering for a long time, before finally erupting!  Mind you, it’s no surprise I turned out the way I did with my anger, particularly when the people around me generally like to go silent–see why I end up saying provocative things?  I don’t like the silence, so I get angry, worked up, and try and provoke a certain number of people out of their silence to respond to me.  And while I generally feel better, and in control, sometimes I regret it (there’s only so much you can say before you push someone over the ledge).

But anyway, moving away from my angry habits, since I’m sure you all don’t really care and I’m blabbering on since I suddenly feel in the mood to stretching my fingers on my keyboard and avoid other work by procrastination, let me get to today’s RMM.

One of the random quizzes I took yesterday, purely out of curiosity was called ‘What song was written about you?”  And with these quizzes, the answers to the questions are pretty limited, and sometimes you wonder why you’re doing something so stupid.  Yet it’s really fascinating and fun seeing how these quizzes can sketch this image of you based on your answers to the questions they provide.  Some people only do each Quiz once and take that result, me, I’m not that superstitious, and nor do I really care.  I just do the quizzes for fun even though some are just so silly!  When I took the song Quiz though, I was surprised to find that I didn’t disagree with it.  Sure, some of the results on the other quizzes had me wondering….um?  For example, I did one quiz and it said I was introspective/introverted.  Did another (similar but different direction and objective) and it told me that I was a very social person.  Granted, I can be both–I’m Pisces after all, two fishes, drawn almost like Yin and Yang, a constant cycle of positive and negative, and one of the most sociable, easy going signs on the whole astrological chart.  Even if I don’t religiously follow the Star Signs, I’m aware of them (I’m not religious at all), and while I generally don’t believe in horoscopes and stuff, and feel like all the star signs are pretty general about their categorisations, even I have to say I’m definitely a Pisces girl through and through.  We hide our emotions, and relatively easy to talk to.  We worry obsessively, yet also accept the rational logic behind things.  We are generally happy people (I sure as hell want to be happy more than depressed in my life!) and we have our many weaknesses, usually tied with self, and usually related to indecisiveness, daydreaming, etc.  Again, very general, very stereotypical, but half the time I look at what one might write about a pisces personality, and it’s nice to see it so straightforwardly written out.

Oh boy, it seems I really am in a mood to stretch my writing today!  What I like about the result from my Song Quiz is the title of the song itself.  Plus, it’s also a song I know, and I love how powerful it is.  While I haven’t been in a relationship which makes me reminisce with the intricate details of the song’s contents, the title says it all.  Through thick and thin, though rough and happy times, through the hardest moments, choices, over the bridges I might have to cross, I will survive.  Nothing is the end of the world.  And even if it feels like it, there’s always something else.  Just don’t wallow about in a misery just because you’re afraid of making the next step.  You can see how you can be happy, and all you have to do is take that giant step out, and swing that arm.  Knock back the obstacle that’s holding you back.

That’s what I must remember.  And when I heard that song yesterday as the result of the quiz that took, I kind of laughed at the coincidence.  I guess I needed this reminder too!  Alongside my famous Quote post from yesterday this was just one more thing to push me.  Nag me.  And hopefully, yank me out of the circle of thoughts that have been going on in my head lately!

Finally, finally, after all my above ranting, today’s Random Music Moment is:  I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor.  A good old classic.


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