A Thousand Things to Say #3

A Thousand Things to Say #3 — Be nice. Be forgiving. Take the time to talk . You only live once.

Life is too short to hold a lifetime grudge. It’s also too short to get angry and to say nothing to the other person for a long period of time. Things become unsaid, feelings unshared, pains undisclosed. Things could be avoided if we spent less time being made and more time forgiving. I have long forgotten how to hold a grudge. I am not a saint. I still remembered the grudges I had for small slights. Yet I also had to thank the people who forgave me for my small mistakes. As a child you can say the worst things, and the fear the repercussions but we learn from these experiences. If we don’t grow, don’t learn to accept, how can we live? I will always apologise when I can because life’s too short to be angry. I fill also seek forgiveness even if it’s hard. We can’t always be nice, life makes it impossible. There is bound to be one person who rubs you the wrong way. But whether you like or hate that person unless you really speak to that person for more than five seconds will you really know whether they are as bad as they seem. Even if they are as bad, at least you gave it a chance. This world exists now but we are fragile beings. Who knows what tomorrow brings? A small mistake compared to words of forgiveness is nothing worth holding a grudge over. To forgive is the strongest power we have. They may even save a life.


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