Missing Book Dilemma

So.  First off, sorry guys I disappeared for a month there!  Been busy…again.


Secondly, I have a dilemma.  It goes like this….

A while back I had a sudden urge to go back and reread this series I had taken a liking to previously.  It’s been like 6 years since I read just one of the books.  The only book that was available in my local library at the time.  As of this moment, I don’t remember which book it was, only that I was aware after finishing the book that it wasn’t the first book.  I also knew that the library didn’t have any of the other sequels without having to resort to interlibrary loans.  So I left it at that. Because you know, I wasn’t that much of a reader at the time with school work taking over my life and stress levels on the rise.

Below is the series I’m talking about:


Another thing I should mention is that at the time when I first encountered this series, I wasn’t really into horror/thriller, however, since then I’ve come to really like his genre–in my opinion it’s a whole lot freakier written than shown, which explains why I always get so bored watching thriller and horror movies.

The Unseen series by Richie Tankersley Cusick really did catch my attention last time, and so I wanted to give it a go again.  Now when I went onto my library website the other day (after I went on Goodreads to double check which books belong to the series and who actually wrote the series–I didn’t know, didn’t take note at all previously, but I have a knack for remembering things about the book enough to find them through google) all prepared to go through my usual ritual.  Cracking my fingers one at the time–one didn’t crack but that’s okay, all the others did–and rolling my neck, I prepared to go on a book holding binge.  First I put some books by Gemma Halliday on hold, then I put a few books for the Quarterly Book Club on hold, then I moved onto the Unseen.

It was as I was doing this did I realise why I decided not to continue the series last time.  I just can’t believe that years later, the problem still hasn’t been fixed.  It makes me wonder if Richie Tankersley Cusick’s books were that unpopular, or that the librarians really haven’t read everything in their libraries (I know, I know, it’s impossible to read everything!  But you could at least try….I’m joking by the way).  I find book one, yes!  I find book three and four, double yes!  Essentially I’m ecstatic that those were in the system and wha-la, on hold for me.  But then I stopped.  My mind halted, and told me to backtrack because something wasn’t right here.  It only took me a second to realise what it was that was wrong.

It wasn’t there.  The Unseen Part 2: Rest In Peace wasn’t there…

Now, this shouldn’t be a big deal right?  Should I just tell the librarians and ask them to request it?  I don’t know how it works at other libraries, but I’ve tried this before.  And it became a whole big mess.  I really dislike messes, and misunderstandings and while I’m not shy, I also like to avoid conflict as much as possible, hence…I will not be trying that again for a very long time.  Which leaves me with a BIG book dilemma.  For those who can resonate my feelings, I don’t like reading a series in jumbled order.  I have a big thing for reading it in order, and if there’s a book missing it’s like my whole body freezes, my eyes widen and I’m stuck in an ongoing loop until I can somehow break it by obtaining a solution.


1) Tell the library, request book 2.  Easy.  Except as mentioned above, I won’t be doing that again for a while.  AND it’s not my fault, why should I have to tell the librarians that they suck at their job–how could they have an unfinished series in their library????? (Book Nerd Habits Kicking In).  Not to mention even if I could request it, I don’t know how long it will take to come into the library, and by then the other books will probably have to go back…

Tell the library, request book 2

2) Buy the second book.  Read it.  And get it over an done with.  But why should I buy it?  Just one single book and not the others?  I only do that if there’s only one book in the series I like.  But while I’m interested in this series, I don’t know if I like it enough to buy the second book and just read it.  I’ve look for both paperback and ebooks of book two and if I honestly do not think it’s worth purchasing the ebook for approximately $6 when the paperback is only a little bit more than that.  In saying that, I still wouldn’t want to buy just one book of a series and not the whole one, but do I really want to buy the whole series, I have wayyyyy more series I would rather spend my money on.

Buy the second book–I don’t know

3) Just read the books that I have, skip the second book and deal with it.  This is a problem.  I don’t want to skip the second book.  Having a hole in my reading this series kind of really sucks, and it’s not a very pleasant idea.  I’d miss so much, and it just wouldn’t feel complete.  I would always think about the hole in the series, and it would probably drive me mad.

Just read what I have–I don’t know

Hence, I am stuck with a dilemma.  What should I do?  What would you do?  Ignoring for a fact that requesting the book at the library is an option, what would you do?  Would you go ahead and read the series, or would you buy the second book?  Or would you just buy the whole series?  Even if you could request it at the library, what if takes so long that by the time you get it, you have to return the other books, so it feels like it had been a big waste of time to begin with?

It’s funny, it’s not even a big deal, yet it bugs me a whole lot!

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