One Beautiful Truth

Sometimes we struggle to find something meaningful;

Sometimes we despair in our search for something beautiful;

Sometimes we put hate on our shoulders for something regretted,

Because, we are all looking for that one beautiful truth,

The one that is constantly evading us,

That takes the form of someone we love,

That stands in an isolated place wanting to be found,

That was buried deep below for the protection of others.

But we still search for this one beautiful truth,

Because it is what fuels who we are,

Even if it breaks us to see the one we love in the arms of another,

Even if it has already been found by some other,

Even if it is the one truth that would change all lives,

We cannot hold back from this one beautiful truth,

Because that is what it is;

Beautiful for the very fact that it is

That one evasive painful truth

That one shining person in the darkness

That sole place of tranquillity

That gift given to us to cherish and to hold,

To the very last moment,

That which we want to breathe to live.


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