Book Slumps due to Overexposure

Read my mind Sam.

Though for me, it was fantasy, the whole genre apparently, because I can’t seem to get into anything fantasy related that I have to read….and yet got into the first contemporary book I read in ages.

I think it’s time for a change xD, even though I love fantasy with all my heart, I definitely need to go reading into other genres that I also love. When was the last time I read a historical? Or something sci-fi/dystopian? It seems I fell into reading so much fantasy, I didn’t even notice….!


2 thoughts on “Book Slumps due to Overexposure

  1. Ha! Thanks for the reblog! πŸ™‚ Anywho, I feel like we need to switch or something, lol. I’m almost done with Scarlet and I think its really helping me get through this slump. I need to get out of the slump so I can be ready for the next quarter of the QBC. I’m gonna try and make a conscious decision with the next book I read. I’m going to try and factor in all my past reads. Maybe do a tally of how many of each genre and try to even up the score.

    • xD no problems, it’s totally true, since I’ve been thinking about it all week haha. I noticed my slump while reading The Name of the Wind, so I read This Song Will Save Your Life, it totally worked! So I’m definitely looking forward to the next quarter, plus I just got books from the library–and while there’s still some fantasy, most of them are contemporary and also contemporary/supernatural/paranormal, so I think I have a pretty nice balance for my next lot lol. Lololll I shall be interested in your tally if you do one! I can already see what my tally is for the last few months lol.

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