Random Music Moment #141

Of late, I’ve been in the mood for something more instrumental.  And while I was looking around Goodreads, I noticed this song that had been posted as a theme song for an original character.  I clicked the link became absorbed, then went with the flow on youtube and started clicking all the suggested videos on the side, and boy was it like I hit the treasure spot!  Anyway, the one that has me hooked lately is Life goes on by Florian Blur and it sounds like the most accurate soundtrack for my life right at this moment.  Even if I’m stuck in the middle of one place and another, I can’t just stay still.  Life goes on no matter what, waiting can wait until my last days, until then, I want to be doing something, so I do.  In the midst of waiting to find out if I can indeed get an offer for postgrad, and putting in job applications, I am also filling up my time working on an academic journal article (my first! but also the thing that’s got me on my toes because I do and don’t know where to begin) AND enjoying my personal writing project and art/design/hobbyist project.  One of which is here (the Curse Mark) while the other is on my deviantART and is essentially my interpretation of the Tarot cards.  I’ve always wanted to do one of those!


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