Ocean Song

When I stand on the sandy shores,

And listen to the sounds,

I hear something

That stirs the heart,

Awakening a beating,

I’d never heard before.

It sits in my chest,

Alongside my heart,

Thumping in rhythm,

Solid and firm.

A gentle sound,

A coarse reminder,

Of a song I had heard

So many times before,

I hear it always,

Hear it in me,

Louder and louder,

When I wish not to see,

The fists hitting flesh,

When I wish not to hear,

The sounds of agony,

Of pain and unwanting,

When I wish not want to do,

To pass on messages,

From one stoic to another…

When I stand on the shore,

It calls for me,

As I never thought before,

The magnetism of the song,

Its lure for my heart,

To take all the emptiness away,

To shed my soul of woe,

And to embrace me,

With a gentle warmness

Dissimilar to its image,

Of the rough and wild,

Even on the calmest of days,

There is no disguising,

What I know and what I see,

And still I am enchanted,

By the ocean and its song,

A deadly disease.

There is no folly greater than mine,

If I listen to the ocean’s song,

To forsake what I have,

For even emptiness is ‘something’,

Something that can be filled,

With the good promises of a better day,

A happier day,

When the sun is brighter,

When the sound of silence ends,

When then voices soften,

When I walk my own path,

That is not the end,

But to a place,

Where there is a future,

And I can break away

From this accursed hold,

Of a feeling I should know how to shake.

It is so tempting to

Just accept,

The sound of the ocean’s song.

It is so tempting,

For the waves to grab hold,

If only I let them,

If only I wanted

To embrace that watery embrace,

Then all I have to do is listen,

And be enchanted by the song,

To walk into that ocean,

And sleep the never ending sleep.

But I won’t be taken,

Won’t succumb,

For though the pull is strong,

I have a heart full of emptiness to fill.

[ Notes ] Sorry for sounding a tad bit gloomy, but the Taiwan Drama I’m watching (Gloomy Salad Days, as mentioned in my Random Music Moment) is very gloomy.  On the other and, I initially wrote this when I was on vacay, only that version was slightly different.


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